Book Online Tickets for NLP for Prosperity and Productivity - Ba, Bengaluru. As Dr. Richard Bandler states, “If people can fear once and keep this fear for the rest of their life, you can feel confident and resourceful to keep it too, without ever loosing it.”  Won’t you agree too?

NLP for Prosperity and Productivity - Bangalore


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About The Event

As Dr. Richard Bandler states, 
“If people can fear once and keep this fear for the rest of their life, you can feel confident and resourceful to keep it too, without ever loosing it.”  
Won’t you agree too?


How Amazing it would be, if you could…….


  • Become known and influential while maintaining rapport
  • Develop fine art of pacing and leading people in the desired direction
  • Learn indirect persuasive patterns used by global leaders to pivot masses
  • Identify your audience’s naturally preferred receiving and learning styles
  • Be at the center of attraction
  • Become aware of your thoughts and thought patterns
  • Enhance the quality of your relationships
  • Be able to communicate and convince more powerfully
  • Implement what you must without resistance
  • Connect with what people deeply feel and engage them


What is this about ?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) explores the relationship between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and the patterns that we run (programming).

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is to become consciously aware of auto-running programs and ingrained patterns, the way they naturally function in your Whole Brain-Neurology. 

Some of the useful Patterns lead you to success. It is worth capturing these pieces, de-coding, modifying their structure and re-installing them to get excellence. It is like adding flavors to your recipe of success.

Some other unproductive programs/patterns make you hopeless and helpless. Isolating such programs, interrupting and re-coding / replacing with newly coded certainty to become additionally able, to effortlessly live superior and better in life is equally or rather more important.

Absence of some other very highly useful Patterns may be a roadblock to your success. NLP is also about capturing these missing and new programs to model and absorb deep in your psyche. Gain unconscious cutting edge, grow and progress in life. Thus you can pick and choose new recipe and have more taste in life.



NLP Skill-set for Leaders


NLP Skills, the participants will learn are:


  • Generate 3rd Perspective to formulate new pattern. This will help to get co-operation from not so co-operative team members.


  • Understand 4 types of Thinking Patterns. This is aimed at learn using appropriate communication strategies to motivate, persuade and lead others by addressing their unconscious thinking style.


  • Pacing-Leading. This is a way to take people along and make them think the way you want them.



During this highly interactive 2 day workshop You will Learn:


  • Re-pattern thinking strategies


  • Change perspectives


  • Take charge of emotions.


  • Eliminate inter-personal friction.


  • Take responsibility happily


  • Generate better alternatives.


  • Sort out differences


  • Define productive goals


  • Become great and effective


You will Learn from :

Sat and Siri both are trainers with remarkable NLP mastery. Helping thousands of participants individually and as corporate teams, they have transformed their lives.

They have trained 5000+ people in the use of NLP.

Both Sat and Siri are Licensed and Certified Trainers of NLP by Dr. Richard Bandler- co-creator of NLP. 

Sat is a BestLife Business and Corporate Coach from an Australian Institute.


Siri is a BestLife Coach with full-fledged  ICF standards course from a Canadian Institute.

She is a officially appointed ‘Holistic Coach’ working with rehabilitation department and Doctors.
Click here to know more about them.

When You Return To Work You Will Have:


Learnt Alphastars BestLife NLP Model which is designed to help:


  • Increase range of options, the ways you communicate with and more accurately understand others.  


  • Develop solution focused approach leading to produce fast, impactful results. Prove yourself impressive and artful.
  • Acquire new set of verbal and non-verbal skills and that can be immediately applied within both your working environment and your personal life.


By the end of this two-day workshop, 
You will have worked and interacted enough to have an understanding to practice above NLP skills. 


You become highly successful and elegantly effective at managing, selling, presenting, coaching, motivating and negotiating which requires extraordinary communication and influencing skills.


You will be able to see how these NLP tools and techniques can be used straight away to begin making a big impact.


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed to benefit every human being. Following will find it highly useful :

  • Leaders, Managers, HODs, Executives - people who lead teams along with their teams from any department/area of operation
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Self Employed
  • HR/ Training Professionals – people who are responsible for development of others.
  • Trainers, Consultants, Individuals, Helping Professionals etc
  • Professionals from HR, L&D, Finance, Production, Planning, Administration, Hospitality and Project Management etc.
  • Parents, Teachers, Students etc
  • Anyone from any field who wants to improve, grow and excel in all areas of life


Program Details  :
28th Feb & 1st March, Mumbai
14th & 15th March, New Delhi
4th & 5th April, Bangalore

Fee Structure:
Rs. 12500/- + 12.36% Service tax per person

Early Bird discount of Rs. 500/- before 22nd Feb.Group discount of 10% for 3or more participants 
Payment : In favour of 'Avitera Leaders Pvt. Ltd'


Registration :

To reserve your place, call us at 09654681922, 9971793547

or write to us at

Questions? More Info.?

Call us at 09654681922, 9971793547

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Brought to you by :

Avitera Leaders Pvt Ltd.

In Conjunction with
Alphastars Academy of Excellence

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In addition to above, Alphastars offers Certified NLP Practitioner as well as Master NLP Practitioner programs certified by Dr. Richard Bandler in India. To know more, visit

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