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Create The Life You Want - NLP Foundation Diploma Weekend Event at SURAT


  • Create The Life You Want - NLP Foundation Diploma Weekend Event at SURAT

    NLP Foundation Diploma Weekend Event

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About The Event


No matter how well you are performing in your life, career or business, you can still improve and be better what you are doing and how you are doing.

It’s time for you to create the life you want and be more powerful, productive and positive after learning what world’s smartest and successful people did using the tools and techniques of NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Please don’t be put off by the strange technical name of Neuro Linguistic Programming… NLP will provide you with powerful yet simple techniques which will change how you think, feel, behave, communicate and ultimately ‘perform’. The ‘NLP For Excellence- NLP Foundation Diploma Weekend Event’ introduces you to NLP and takes place over a single weekend; it is hosted by one of the most extensively experienced NLP Trainer- Mayur Bardolia. 

Here are a just few reasons why people like you choose to attend this event:

  • Just to find out more about NLP after hearing so much about it!
  • People looking to improve the quality of their relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • Anyone interested to be mentally fit, confidence, positive and productive
  • Business managers interested to see what they could apply at work to increase performance
  • Teachers/Coaches who want to add value  in their practice with their students/clients
  • Sales professional interested in picking up some powerful yet simple techniques to increase sales
  • Presenters and people involved in public speaking, in order to increase confidence and rapport
  • Anyone interested in gaining a certification which supports their career and CV credentials
  • Purely for self-gain! Through self-awareness, self-development and self-application!


What do YOU get out of it?

Let’s talk about results, we have summarised below what you’ll be able to do once you have completed the NLP Foundation weekend event:

  • Introduction to NLP – Understand what NLP really is and how it was created
  • Presuppositions of NLP – A set of winning beliefs and mindsets to take with you on your journey to excellence
  • Be able to ‘model’ someone else, so you can extract behavioural excellence
  • Well-Formed Outcome -Goal Setting to Goal Getting – Distinguish and create ‘outcomes’ rather than ‘goals’
  • Rapport - Have the ability to create instant rapport with people & a sense of deep trust
  • Perceptual Positions - Learn to understand others and deal with misunderstanding and conflicts
  • Have sound understanding of what hypnosis really is
  • Meta- Model- Learn to influence others subtly with precision communication – Have finesse in understanding people and getting your message heard.
  • Be able to attach emotional states to sensory triggers
  • Anchoring – Be in any positive emotional states such to improve your productivity and happiness anytime and anywhere you want
  • Submodalities -Master Your Emotions – Eliminate limiting beliefs, phobias, negative emotions and unwanted behavior forever
  • Milton Model - Become a powerful communicator and develop an exceptional level of influence over self and others to make positive and empowering changes
  • Receive Your ‘NLP Foundation Certification, Your first step!

And much, much, much..... more learning with live questions - answers…


You should attend this exceptional Event, BECAUSE

  • Theory of the techniques in detail and demonstration  of each one precisely & completely.
  • All exercises are designed based on latest developments in psychology, hypnosis and behavioural science that means you are going to learn fresh techniques that work in 21st century
  • Exercises are easier and practical to learn and relevant to you
  • You will have the opportunity to get rid of your problems that are holding you for years
  • You will have opportunity to practice the techniques under the supervision of certified trainer
  • Learning material with accurate step by step instructions
  • A certificate of participation in the ‘NLP Foundation’ workshop
  • Expect to have fun, enjoy the training and most of all be ready for positive and productive change.


 Your Trainer

Mayur Bardolia – An International NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Master Practitioner (UK), Life Success Coach, an Author, Hypnotherapist 

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Dates : 31st January-Saturday & 1st February-Sunday’2015

Time:9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location : TBA

Fees : Rs. 4,700 only 
(including commitment of world-class learning experience + Training Manual + Lot of Fun)

In case you do not have the necessary requirement to participate in this workshop, you are welcome to forward this mail to your friends who may be interested. It may help your friends to prosper their business.   Please share with your friends 


"It's fantastic value, and it's going to be a miraculous two days."

Your competitors may be there! so the question to you is: CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO ATTEND?

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