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The Donate & Learn concept is simple and pure rational!
You must have paid a fee to attend training workshops and conferences in the past, but the idea of an event that is free with a donation supporting such a great cause.
Isn\\\'t it

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course of NFNLP USA


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About The Event


The Donate & Learn concept is simple and pure rational!

You must have paid a fee to attend training workshops and conferences in the past, but the idea of an event that is free with a donation supporting such a great cause.

Isn't it just inspiring!

The Donate & Learn Initiative is created by

SAI PRASANNA Foundation to support its projects

[Project ABCD + Project XYZ + Project Bridge]. 

‘Basic Practitioner of NLP’ Course

Make Excellence Your Habit….!



Now stop for a while and read this entire brochure before you call to reserve your seat at the NLP Course. Many people have paid thousands more for this. But you canlearn these techniques for an unbelievable low cost.

We all influence people. Long term motivation comes from clarity of purpose, clear objectives anda sense of doing something valuable. NLP deals with influence: how people relate and communicate to others, how they make decisions, and how they prefer to get influenced, so it is particularly useful in life. NLP also enables us to study or model what makes our top performers better than our average performers.

 NLP is the manual of brain and when you arrive at the seminar you'll find yourself quickly and easily becoming one of the top performers. So simply do this: read the information, and then ask yourself a question. Isn't it possible that out of those dozens of techniques we teaches, just one will be worth more than the cost of this NLP Course? If you agree with me then you definitely need these techniques and this NLP Course may be the way you want to go.


 What is NLP?

   Neuro Linguistic Programming is defined as the study of the structure of subjective experience and what can be calculated from that and is predicated upon the belief that all behavior has structure.

What Makes Our NLP Course Unique?


  • Our NLP courses are created to be highly practical in nature and are a mix of presentation, video demonstration and learning by doing.


  • We believe that the human brain can only learn when it is having fun, and when we feel excited and energized.


  • Our entire course programs are designed that after the training you can go out in to the world and apply NLP techniques with elegance and precision.


  • The course is conducted in high learning vibration environment  which make the learning unique and different.


Overview of what you will learn:

  • Create and maintain genuine rapport


  • Set achievable and value-driven personal and professional goals


  • Explore constructively problems and difficulties within a goal


  • Understand and communicate compellingly to different thinking styles


  • Enrich your understanding of a situation by experiencing it form different perspectives


  • Gather high quality information for business or coaching purposes


  • Create and manage your emotional state for high performance


  • Positively influence others and support their ability to experience more choices


  • Reframe and reorganize perceptions to direct attention more creatively


  • Use physical and mental alignment to become more congruent and confident


INR  30,000  Only

Being the first official fund raising training workshop,

SAI PRASANNA Foundation -Donate and Learn' 

has offered a welcome donation of

ONLY 25000* Rupees


The donation includes

'Primary Membership of

'SAI PRASANNA Foundation - Donate and Learn'

Plus authentic NLP Manual, Lectures, Venue Charges, Lunch, Tea-Breakfast, Evening Tea/Coffee

*Certification from National Federation of NLP, USA: Fees 50$ 



Mumbai, Maharashtra 



8th, 9th August 2015

[2nd Saturday_Sunday]


22nd, 23rd August 2015 

[4th Saturday_Sunday]



09.00am to 06.00pm


Limited seats - Few seats are already reserved.


Contact Now at;


Trainer/ Learning Enabler:
Shri. Bipin Mayekar

ü  One the most prolific contributor to the field of NLP in India; He has been among the few elite trainers to have been trained by the creator and inventor of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler.

ü  Licensed Practitioner of NLP; Certified and Trained by Dr. Richard Bandler;  

ü  Master Practitioner of NLP; Certified and Trained by Dr. William Horton, President NFNLP, USA;  

ü  GOLD Master Trainer of NLP First Indian Trainer and Third in the globe; Trained and certified by Dr. William Horton, President of NFNLP, USA;

ü  Writing 21 books on Entrepreneurship - Behavioral patterns and Communication Skills with Motivational Concepts in Marathi Language. He has completed 5 books till now and 16 are in a process of completion.

ü  NLP Therapist and Counselor and authentic Entrepreneurial Development Trainer.

ü  Experience of more than 18 years

ü  Conducted more than 4000 In House Training Workshops based on NLP throughout India for leading companies and self sponsored open training courses.

NOW Join this NLP Basic Practitioner training course for a comprehensive learning experience that will take you to the cutting edge of the this exciting and dynamic age through NLP.






         "As a Professional Magician, I travel in different statesof USAwith Carnival Cruise. When I was in Florida,one of my friends informed me about NLP. When I returned inIndia for vacation, it came to my attention about NLP Courses of Bipin Sir. After completing NLP Basic Practitioner Course, I am totally confident about achieving excellence in my profession, family and in my social life. VAK will help me to better my stage performances. Other techniques such as Eye accessing cues, Meta-Model, Anchoring will be useful in achieving excellence in my life."

      Magician Sameer
Stage Performer [Carnival Cruise, USA]


       "I did my NLP with Mr. Bipin Mayekar in the month of May 2010. He is an SME. He did complete justice to the program and is an excellent trainer. His style of training helped in developing a rapport on the first day, hence could ask many questions without hesitation. Also he is very encouraging when a student shares an experience, which ensures complete participation."

Dr. Bijal Sheth
Senior Consultant [Potentia Growth Services Pvt Ltd]

       "NLP by BIPIN - Crisp and to the point!"

Mandar Rasaikar [Trade Marketing Executive]

       “Trainer’s rapport building with each participant along with his energy level was the part I like the most”

Dr. Bharatkumar Wagh [Hypnotherapist]

       "Bipin is extremely knowledgeable trainer and makes learning fun and easy to remember using relevant practical examples. He has unique ability to connect with each individual in training sessions, and is very approachable for further queries, perseveres till the person has clear understanding of the concept.!"

Bhushan Jawle
Founder CEO [Sanganak Technologies LLP]


  "Very systematic approach! Close to practical life and can be used in professional and personal life also...”

Ravindra Kunavat
GM – Finance [HIRANANDANI Construction]




       "The experience has been unique! Bipin has been extremely participative to improvise our life through effective NLP Techniques "

Ameya Karambe

       "This training made me explore core knowledge about NLP and has helped me to achieve to know me better and enhance myself. Faculty Shri Bipin Mayekar has been very supportive and participative. And because of his enthusiastic words, we too are filled with energy to perform better in our life!"

Rakesh Fernandez [Hotelier]

       "Friendly attitude, Personal attention! Well communicated, practical training of NLP Techniques! All participants like the attitude of the trainer."

Mrs. Meenakshi Soni [Spiritual Trainer]

       "Excellent Training! It has broadened my vision towards Professional, Social, Spiritual and family goals which I never thought about. It is helping me to help myself and to serve the society through my spiritual realization"

Asim Joshi [HR Regional Manager – Mother Dairy]


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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.        – Aristotle



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