NLP based training on Personal and Professional Effectiveness

NLP based training on Personal and Professional Effectiveness


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About The Event

When we look back in our lives, we feel that we could have done better. We want to do better but then we get stopped in our tracks by many negative forces. Without our awareness, we find that we are getting controlled by Negativity, Fear, Stress, Trauma, Guilt. Stuck Memories, Blames and Doubts.Life is run by subconscious mind without our conscious control over our thoughts and actions.

Yet, these are beautiful times when we have at hand a technique like Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) that can help us unlearn all that is negative. By involving ourselves in a process of self-improvement in all the dimensions of our life, we can eliminate negativity and we can enhance SELF AWARENESS, SELF CONFIFENCE, SELF MASTERY, POSITIVITY, CREATIVITY, FLEXIBILITY, HAPPINESS & JOY for a better life which shall take us forward and helo us rewrite our destiny by making us rewrite our day to day stories.

Objective of the Training Module: 
1. To help participants become self-aware and overcome their doubts and fears and walk on the road to success with increased confidence setting and achieving new goals all the time; 
2. To help them learn to choose wisely at every step;
3. To encourage and give participants techniques to develop lasting relationships and to become habitual of practicing happiness everyday.

About the trainer: Ramesh Sood is a Pune based Dr. Tichard Bandler Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Sr. HR Professional with expertise in Transactional Work, Coach, Soft Skills, Trainer and Writer.


1. First step towards Positivity: Understanding negativity and its sources
2. Handling Negativity through the process of Self Change
3. What is 'Self': How does it manifest through the behaviour
4. Understanding role of belief in our lives
5. What is it that motivates individuals...understanding your own motivations
6. Life Positions and the Belief System
7. Role of Sub conscious and conscious mind in day to day problems
8. Generating Commitments and Developing Personal Effectiveness
9. Achieving results by rewriting beliefs in each deminesion i.e.
- Social: Inter-personal skills o create strong rapport with others
- Emotional: To understand how emotions create our reality
- Mental: To become aware about the need to learn
- Physical: To make health flow from purpose.
- Spiritual: To develop inner strenth, make serendipity work

Features of the module:

1. No complicated slides or data or graphs
2. No films to have futile discussions towards unrechable conclusions
3. No heavy words or jargon or phrases
4. No notes, no pens, no pads, direct interaction with the mind with utmost 
focus and intense interaction.

Registration: Please confirm your participation through registration at

Payment: 2000/- + Service Tax.
Early Bird Discount: 10% till 5th Feb' 2017
Group Discount: 10% for a group of 3 or more participants.
Payment includes snacks and lunch at the venue.
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