Book Online Tickets for NLP 7 Day fast track training with NLP P, Mumbai. For first time in INDIA with Breakthrough Timeline coaching
Jan 17th - 23rd 2012, Mumbai
with TIMELINE BREAKTHROUGH COACHING and HYPNOSIS with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)
ANLP approved training wi

NLP 7 Day fast track training with NLP Practitioner & Breakthrough coaching certification - Mumbai Jan 17th - 23rd


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About The Event

For first time in INDIA with Breakthrough Timeline coaching


Jan 17th - 23rd 2012, Mumbai


with TIMELINE BREAKTHROUGH COACHING and HYPNOSIS with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

ANLP approved training with NLP Diploma & Practitioner Certificate as well as ABNLP & ABHyp Hypnosis Practitioner certification.


NLP Practitioner training is excellent for those who want to develop personally, coach others, influence customers, negotiate for win win outcomes. It is routinely used by professionals in all fields - for examples lawyers, doctors, accountants, consultants, teachers, parents, social workers, nurses, counsellers, coaches, therapists, nutritionists, executives, managers as well as employees. 

Whether you are employed or not - it can enable you to be happier and more productive at work or to move towards the career you want with ease and confidence. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you were more fulfilled, happy and confident in your personal and professional life? What if you could always influence anyone anywhere to create win win outcomes? I wonder what a boost your to your health, confidence and quality of life would mean to you?


NLP can also be used to help you help others design and live the life they want. Some applications of NLP are:

  • Creating more fulfilling relationships
  • Achieving life and business goals
  • Influencing at work and home
  • Mobilising teams at work to be successful
  • Improving health, wellness and confidence
  • Eliminating fears, phobias and limitations
  • Leading and empowering yourself and others
  • Increasing confidence to move towards the career you desire


It is a 7 DAY fast track program with NLP Diploma as well as NLP, Timeline & Hypnosis Practitioner. It is ideal for:

  • Managers and leaders who wish to coach themselves and their staff at work
  • Those on a personal development and self-help Journey and want to create the life they want
  • HR professionals, trainers, consultants and coaches who wish to add a coaching system to their existing programs
  • Existing healers, practitioners, therapists, medical health professionals, doctors, nurses, counselors and mental health
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners and ambitious success oriented professionals
  • Those wanting to become life coaches, therapeutic coaches, corporate coaches or business coaches


During the 7 days you will learn skills to:

  • Communicate with anyone, anywhere, with even more power and impact
  • Identify the key "filters" that influence our thoughts and behavior
  • Overcome challenges due to lack of motivation, weak goals, and fear of rejection
  • Create more fulfilling and meaningful relationships at home and work
  • Uncover the motivations of others and use that knowledge to create win-win outcomes
  • In the work place get the most out of yourself as well as your teams, co-workers and staff
  • Let go of old beliefs and decisions that have limited you in the past and create lasting changes in any area of your life
  • Erradicate anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt with Timeline therapy
  • Access the resources of both the conscious and unconscious mind to gain the body's support in eliminating addictions like smoking, drugs, alcohol, overeating, etc.
  • Identify the roots of relationship problems and create new options for enhanced communication and love
  • Make important decisions by eliminating unconscious conflicts
  • Enable the brain to 're-frame' the meanings you and others give to the events in your lives
  • See how the tools of NLP fit together and are used in real world situations


Once NLP is learned you have the skills for life and it in invaluable as part of a personal development program. It enables:

  • More effective communication at work
  • An ability to influence others for winning outcomes
  • Creation of a fulfilling home environment. 



 Main Heading

 Course content


 The basis of NLP

  • Background and legs of NLP

  • Taking self responsibility and learning states

  • Well formed outcomes - know your training goal

  • Respect your world - empowering pre-suppositions


Building rapport and trust

  • Being authentic, attentive and responsive

  • Setting up the coaching relationship

  • Calibration and sensory acuity

  • Matching and mirroring to pace and lead


Creating powerful states

  • State illicitation

  • Anchoring to condition empowering states

  • Sub-conscious and conscious 

  • Demonstration of the power of sub-conscious


NLP model of communication

  • Deletions, distortions and generalisations

  • Diagnosing the core issue with questions - chunking

  • Using precision language to challenge and support

  • Precision questions exercise


Understanding underlying psychology

  • The six human needs

  • Filters, Values, Beliefs

  • Metaprograms


Resolving conflicts and negotiating

  • Perceptual positions

  • Uncovering inner conflicts

  • Negotiating and influencing between conflicts


Representational systems

  • Understand your preferred representational system

  • Noticing eye accessing cues

  • How to link our senses to our thinking

  • Using language to match the client's preferred styles



  • Understanding the building blocks of our senses

  • Changing unwanted beliefs feelings and behaviours

  • Use the SWISH pattern to break unwanted habits



  • Diploma Assessment

  • Creating a personal inventory


Creating the client practitioner relationship

  • For personal development

  • Corporate & executive coaching

  • Personal coaching

  • Negotiation and mediation

  • Relationship coaching


Applying sub-modalities

  • Six step re-frame

  • Phobia cure

  • Mapping across


Advanced anchoring

  • Collapse anchors to remove the bad feelings from past 

  • Create powerful chains of resources to shift "stuck" states like procrastination or confusion

  • Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olifactory and gustatory anchors


Diagnosing the real issue

  • Evolutionary versus revolutionary growth

  • Creating pro-active strategies

  • Understanding all influences - BENDWHIMP



  • Discover and utilise someone's decision-making strategy

  • Find out how your customer's decide to buy and fine tune your sales process to precisely fit their buying strategy

  • Change your less useless strategies for more useful ones and use your effective strategies more often


Using Milton language to influence

  • Use language patterns to gain greater acceptance

  • Inducing conversational and deliberate trance



  • Story telling to influence

  • Embedded commands

  • Creating your own metaphor


Creating a compelling future

  • Logical levels for congruence


Making desired state real and practical

  • Disney model

  • Using the time-line 


Clearing the past

  • Change personal history

  • Cutting the ties that bind

  • Eliminating anger, sadness, grief, hurt and fear


Integration & Assessment

  • Consolidate learrnings and integrate

  • Giving and receiving feedback 

  • Marketing & Business basics


On successful completion of the course Practitioner certificate is awarded. Those who wish to charge for their services can do so. Our NLP Practitioners attract high fee paying clients as it delivers results every time. Practitioners can use their skills as a life coach, a business coach or even a corporate or executive coach.

It is a highly experiential 7 days that will change your life forever. 


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