Nexgen school expo and exhibition is the Indias largest k-12 school expo. next gen school Expo focus on day school expo,boarding school expo and inter

NexGen School Admission Expo 2018 (Bannerghatta - Bangalore)


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About The Event

 It is a venture of VAK Education Today which will for the first time bring the eminent names in the education industry under one roof. NexGen School Expo which will showcase top brands under one roof where the parents get a chance to meet the school dignities interact with them & also get a chance to know about the different pedagogies that the school has adopted to improve the learning environment on their campus. The Expo will target prospective young parents & help them seek admissions for their young ones based on Curriculum, Area & Budget .The Expo will also have spot registration facilities with special offer from the school for parents interested in acquiring admission on the spot .Special meeting & conference room facility will also be provided for people & Sponsors who want to have a detailed discussion with parents for admission closure. Daycare facility will also be part of this venue to help parents of not getting disturbed by their little ones while taking a decision.

Terms & Conditions

1. Upon the Exhibiting Company's ("Exhibitor") execution, this Agreement becomes a binding contract between the organiser and the Exhibitor subject to the parties, respective rights described in the terms and conditions set forth below. No Exhibitor has accepted this agreement, unless the exhibiting company / firm has paid all applicable fees and deposits by the deadlines set forth on this agreement and otherwise complied with this agreement in all respects.

2. Presence of logo in Branding activities and websites is done once the payment process is completed successfully.

3. Initially the exhibitor can book the stall by paying 25%and rest of the 75% should be paid within one month of the booking or else it is fortified for resale .No refund will be entertained in such case

4. All cancellations must be submitted in writing in case of events, natural disaster, fire, rain, storm, State Bandh or any other unforeseen event or catastrophe, the Organiser is not obliged to refund any part of the Exhibitor Fee.

5. The dimension of the booth shall be accepted by the applicant, as finalized by the organiser and no representation shall be entertained in this regard.

6. This agreement may be terminated by the organiser at any time by written notice to the Exhibitor upon the occurrence of any of the following events: (a) The Exhibition is cancelled. (b) the organiser is not satisfied that proper use is being made of the Exhibition by the Exhibitor during the build-up period or at any time during the term of the Exhibition or at any other time when the Exhibitor or any of its contractors or Exhibits is in the Exhibition centre in connection with the Exhibition, (c) The Exhibitor fails to arrange insurance cover in accordance with the Clause 15 (d) Payment of Fees is not made by the Exhibitor in accordance with this agreement (e) The Exhibitor is or becomes for any reason unable to utilise the stand space (f) The Exhibitor ceases to carry on the business, becomes insolvent, or enters into or takes or is subject to any form of winding up, administration, receivership, liquidation, bankruptcy, arrangement with creditors generally or any other insolvency procedure in respect of it or any of its assets, or suffers from enforcements of security or legal process or repossession or any event analogous to any of the above in any jurisdiction (g) The Exhibitor or relevant attending employees, contractors or other of its personnel is or are convicted of any criminal offence or otherwise so conduct itself/ themselves so as to bring itself, the Exhibition or the organiser into disrepute.

7. All displays, advertising exhibits and stand arrangements made by the Exhibitor, shall be appropriate to the subject matter of the exhibition, “Education Today” in the sole opinion of the organiser and should be aesthetic and of a suitably high standard and shall not contravene or conflict with any local law, moral or custom and if in the opinion of the organiser, the Exhibitor is in breach of this clause, the organiser may direct the Exhibitor to rectify such breach and the Exhibitor shall immediately act accordingly.

8. Booth Buddies are people (family, friends, business partners, and colleagues, associates) who are not signed up to exhibit at the expo but hang out at or near the exhibitor’s booth with the intention of selling products or services. Booth Buddies are not permitted at Expo.

9. The Exhibitor must ensure that :

  •  The booth is fully staffed and continually kept open throughout the course of the Expo;
  •  Walkways are kept clear at all times
  •  The space is kept clean and tidy and free from rubbish at all times
  •  Business is conducted in an appropriate manner from the booth considering the venue, organiser, other exhibitors and visitors.

10. All materials used in the Expo must be non-flammable and non-conforming materials must be removed immediately from the venue .All the packing containers are to be removed from the Expo floor and must not be stored under tables or behind displays.

11. The Exhibitor may not substitute him/her /itself or sublease booth space

12. The property of the Exhibitor is deemed to be under hi/her/its custody ,control and oversight at all times ,including in transit to and from the Expo and within the confines of their booth . The Exhibitor is wholly responsible for the security of his/her/its materials during set up, Expo hours and pack out/ dismantling.

13. The organiser is not responsible whatsoever for any loss or damage or theft of property (including materials, displays and equipments) belonging to the Exhibitor, after handing over the space

14. The Exhibitor Fee does not include insurance, cleaning, loading and handling of equipment, staff, telephones, exhibit dressing, advertising or promotional material/ wifi etc.

15. Booths will be allocated on “first come, first served” basis after receiving advance payment

16. The Exhibitor must advise the organiser of any special requirements at least three weeks prior to the Expo date .All special requirements are subject to approval from the organisers.

17. The Exhibitor will be solely responsible for the cost of remedying any damage and repairs.

18. The organiser holds rights to confesticate anybody at the Event Venue anytime for misbehaviour or any such reason and organiser decision would be final

19. In case of exhibitor unable to attend the Exhibition due to unavoidable circumstances .The organiser is not liable to pay a refund to the Exhibitor (20 days prior)

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