New Year Resolution Workshop to be an Effective Communicator and Stress Management

New Year Resolution Workshop to be an Effective Communicator and Stress Management


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    New Year Resolution Workshop 2014

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  • New Year Resolution Workshop 2014

    New Year Resolution WorkshopWith one month follow up session to ensure your success in 2014

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About The Event


New Year Resolution to be an Effective Communicator& for Stress Management

We can have the great ideas but they are no good to our organisation and our career, if we can’t express them clearly, confidently and persuasively.

One of the main reasons why a Manager gets stressed is the job delegated to the subordinate is not completed in time and the productivity is not up to the expectation. In most cases we blame the subordinates. One of the main reasons for not getting the desired result is the lack of people skill or dealing with the emotions.

When we are dealing with machines or computers, if we press the right button (IQ) we get the desired result. But as a manager you have to deal with human computers and these human computers have emotions. There is a saying, “people join companies and leave their bosses.” The truth is, “we take decision emotionally and justify them rationally”. Therefore, ‘it’s not what we communicate but how we communicate’ makes us an effective manger and a leader.

Today as you are reading, what is the time in your watch and what’s the date today? Will you get back this time with the same date again in your life? No, this date will never come back in your life. Therefore you need to act right now towards your goal; otherwise this time will never come back to you. Everyone has got 24 hrs in a day; no one can get a single second more than you. You can compare time with a plain bar of iron, which is worth Rs.100. Now you can convert this iron bar into nails that may fetch Rs. 1000. And that same identical bar of iron can be turned into balance spring for watches, which is worth Rs. 1000000. The same is true with time. Only a few have learned to turn a golden hour into true-tempered watch springs.This workshop will help you to master that art

We communicate and act on the basis of our values, beliefs, thoughts and knowledge on the subject. We have differences in a team due to the above factors and if we can align those factors, the effectiveness of the organisation goes up and results into financial growth of the organisation.

To develop Presentation Skills and Confidence; we have created a right environment & platform with stage, podium and microphone for this special purpose at Madhapur.

 The program helps to become a better communicator, negotiator, decision maker and leader.

  • Develop confidence in Public Speaking Skills & Presentation Skills
  • MANAGERIAL SKILLS & awakening the LEADERSHIP in you

 Venue: G5, Aliens Blend, Plot No. 75, Karachi Bakery Lane, Madhapur, Behind MIND SPACE

 The workshop is conducted by the author of ‘9 Secrets, the Ultimate Success Strategies’ and ‘Student’s Blueprint for Success’. He is considered to be one of the best Leadership Coaches in Hyderabad. His experiences have been recorded in his books. Please down load the audios and pdf from the site and watch feedback in YouTube

Please commit to yourself to make 2014 a great year for yourself.


Rita Biswas

Program Coordinator

Ph: 9989675936

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