New Year Pooja

New Year Pooja


  • New Year Pooja

    Most Powerful & Rare Yagya First Time After 1000 Years For Blessings Of Abundant Wealth, Health & Prosperity.

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About The Event

New Year Special  Blessings For Abundant Wealth, Health & Prosperity

Maha Soma Yagya

‘Most Powerful & Rare Yagya First Time Ever After 1000 Years ‘

From 2018, Make Every Year a Successful One in All Fronts

Scheduled Live On December 31, 2017 @ 6 PM IST

This New Year 2018, Let’s Heal, Eradicate Darkness & Achieve Bliss

For the first time in Vedicfolks unprecedented history, we are presenting the rarest of the rare ritual – SOMA YAGYA - to celebrate the New Year 2018. The yagya, usually performed once in thousand years is organised in Vedicfolks as an exclusive ritual for the first time.

The Soma Yagya is a very important part of the Vedas and there’s many a mention of the word in the ancient text. It also refers to Moon because Somavar is Monday or Moon day. There are many elucidations to Soma. But the core essence is that it produces happiness, peace, enthusiasm and relaxation.

Unique Rituals and Pujas for New Year 2018

  • Soma Yagya
  • Panchagavyam Puja
  • 108 Herbs Homa
  • Punyaham Avahanam
  • Indrakshi Shiva Kavacham Puja
  • Gandharva-Apsaras Puja

Maha Soma Yagya:

If you want to rule the world in your own terms then Soma Yagya is the thing to do. It not only benefits the sponsors of the yagya, but also sends out vibrations of love and peace upon the entire planet. The yagya got its name from the soma plant, that is a delicacy of the gods and this is offered as an oblation to the fire. The yagya bestows prosperity to the entire living beings in the universe. Soma is bliss and the yagya Devatas grant everything that the devotee pines for. So this New Year, let’s pray not for self, but for the entire human race because when the world is at peace there will be peace within you too.

How Soma Yagya for New Year Can Benefit Humanity At Large

  • Soma awards prosperity & heavenly blessings for lifetime
  • It grants ability to crush the enemy forever
  • Bestow beauty and grace and a good life partner
  • Gives strength & intelligence and wipes out sins
  • It acts as a shield and protects them from all threats.
  • It puts an end to bad thoughts, ensures a safe pregnancy and also prevents premature child births.
  • Grants overall victory and prevents dangers from accosting the devotee.


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