New Year Picnic at Kaveri river - Muddie Trails special

New Year Picnic at Kaveri river - Muddie Trails special


  • Per Person - With Transportation

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    INR 3699
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  • Per Person - Without transportation

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    INR 3049
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  • Kids - 0-5yrs

    -The kids won't be provided with any special bed to sleep. They are expected to sleep along with their adults.-No special food/drinks will be provided for kids. The food/drinks/barbecue is common for everybody.-Parents must bring their Kids' valid photo id cards. They will be checked at the venue.

    Sale Date Ended

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About The Event

1. Muddie Trails special for people who do not want to drink alcohol... 
2. Unlimited more for details!

Image: Our campsite..

Don't want to go too far away from home this New Year?  
Don't want to spend 5K or 6K for just few hours of New Year party?

Wish to escape the city and spend an amazing day amidst the nature? 
Wish to dance? Wish to sing? Wish to play? Wish to socialize? 
How about a delicious barbecue and the campfire in the chilling winter weather on the new year eve? 
How about party at a camp surrounded by mountains, close to the river, close to the forest? 
How about hiking those mountains, visiting a tiger cave?  
How about swimming? may be fishing? 
How about sipping a tender coconut water or a natural sugar cane juice when ever you are thirsty!? (unlimited drinks) 
How about resting in a village style huts? 
How about just sleeping under the stars, trying to recall stories told by your grand pa about those mysterious beings living on a distant planets and all of a sudden sighting a shooting star that mesmerizes & thrills you in a split second? 

Ah! the legend has it that wishing at the time of a shooting star makes your wish come true! 
Have you made a wish? No? well, try again, the night is yours! just yours! may your wish come true.. after all, you are here for a reason!

Image: New year under the stars..

Everything till now seems unreal? here we go in bold: This is a NO-Alcohol party!

hmmm..can the pubs and clubs of Bangalore offer something this awesome? 
May be not!



Sunday: leave Bangalore early morning around 6 AM (many pick up spots - Tin Factory, Marathahalli, HSR, Indiranagar, Koramangala, Silk Board, Jayadeva..), 
--> Self-ride also available.. 

Breakfast on our way (we will stop at Udupi upahar or similar for tempo traveler. No breakfast will be provided for self-ride people), reach campsite, quick freshen up, explore the place, eat yummy lunch (Veg & Non-veg), head to river & play in the water, even do some fishing with the fishing-nets if you wish to, come back, freshen up, High-tea, pick a mountain..go for a hike & conquer it (optional trek - you can stay at campsite & relax if you don't want to trek), campfire, barbecue, hot & delicious veg/non-veg dinner, awesome Karaoke session, music, dance!!    
As we start the count down for new year 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! switch off the lights, mobile phones and other gadgets, look at the million stars above us as we welcome the - Happie New Year!

Celebrate like kids, exhaust, finally fall asleep even without resting under the stars or inside the huts (proudly mosquitoes at our campsite!), 

Monday morning: Wake up, freshen up, leisurely breakfast, visit Sivana Samudra water falls view point, travel back to Bangalore, reach by noon (drop at same locations..) spend rest of the day in the new year party hangover (without even drinking alcohol)!

Image: lush green fields near our campsite..



Early bird:  
3299/- with travel included  
2649/- for self-drive 
Expires on: 17th Dec 2017 10:00 PM

3699/- with travel included  
3049/- for self-drive

*Children with age up to 5 years - Free* 
Following terms apply to these kids:-  
- The kids will not be provided with any special bed to sleep. 
- There are expected to sleep along with their adults. 
- No special food/drinks (like milk etc.) will be provided for kids. The food/drinks/barbecue is common for everybody. 
- Parents must bring their Kids' valid photo identity cards. They will be checked after reaching the venue. 

• Inclusions: everything written above like:  

- Breakfast (not provided for self-ride people), Lunch(Veg/non-veg buffet), High-tea, Dinner(Veg/non-veg buffet includes Chicken, fresh fish from Kaveri river) on 31st 
- Breakfast on 1st 
- Unlimited drinks on 31st(Sugarcane juice & Tender coconut water) 
- Travel by Tempo traveler (From Bangalore, To Bangalore) 
- Stay at our campsite near Kaveri river in village style huts or a dorm or under the stars! 
- New Year party including Karaoke, Music & Dance 
- Barbecue (Veg & Non-veg) 
- Campfire 
- Group activities & games 
- Visit water falls and the river 
- Guide for the mini-trek 
- A hell lotta entertainment! 

Exclusions: try to figure out, if any ;-)

How to register? 
If you agree to Muddie Trails -->>Terms, Conditions, and Policies<<--

Image: campsite..

Facilities at our campsite: Country style huts & dorm, big kitchen, 10 neat and clean washrooms - separate for men/women, 3 Cows for fresh milk, 2 adorable dogs, lush green gardens, campfire, big barbeque setup, Mongolian style hut for social get-together music dance and skits, care taker family living side by, huge covered playing area to play shuttle, football & other sports..and no mosquitoes ;-)

Things to carry: will be updated in our meetup's WhatsApp group to all registered folks. 

Image: our lovely campsite huts..


Important notes: 

• Everyone must get their photo ID cards - like Aadhar or Driving License!

• This is a group meetup. So all travelers are expected to follow basic group etiquette like being kind to each other, helping each other, greet each other with a smile and be patient..

• Muddie Trails is NOT a tour operator. Muddie Trails is a offbeat travel experience provider. Our facilities are basic & our itinerary is flexible. Organizer may choose to switch/re-arrange parts of itinerary based on need. Please co-operate with organizer & other travelers.  

• Please do not register if you do not agree with our "Terms & Conditions" provided in the given link. 


Please make sure you read our Terms, Conditions, and Policies before you book your slot :) 

Please make sure you read our Terms, Conditions, and Policies before you book your slot :) 

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