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Hyderabad Trails invites you to our New Year Gathering under the Stars, along a lakeside far from the madding city. Let your last evening of the year, and the first sunrise of the next be a memorable experience you will cherish forever. For

New Year under the Stars. Lakeside Camping and Bonfire Gathering


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Hyderabad Trails invites you to our New Year Gathering under the Stars, along a lakeside far from the madding city. Let your last evening of the year, and the first sunrise of the next be a memorable experience you will cherish forever. For once, skip the loud and noisy DJ parties and get high on the night sky studded with a million stars.



The campsite is a beautiful and secluded lakeside in the Gajwel Forest of Medak District, 70 kilometres from the city (about an hour hour and a half journey). The Lakeside property belongs to a resort situated about a kilometre away, and separated by a walking forest trail.
There is no direct motorable road to the campsite. After parking our vehicles at the resort, we will have to walk a kilometre to reach the the lake, which is nestled between undulating forests and hills. The resort and its facilities, however, would be open and accessible to us.


The bonfire will be the centre-stage for a lot of conviviality and fun, music and dance. Some of the exciting and memorable experiences you can look forward to include :
- Releasing the sky lanterns into a star studded night sky.
- midnight adventure trek in the wilderness
- Rock climbing and Bouldering in the morning.
- Night sky gazing.
- Visit to nearby village.
- Karaoke, and Live Music Performances.
-Visit to a Hidden Fort Castle nearby.


The accommodation is going to be basic, yet comfortable. We have 2-people capacity, and 3-people capacity camping tents, which will be pitched around the bonfire. The toilets are going to be basic bio-compost toilets, and in case you need the WC toilets, they can be availed at the Resort a kilometre away(image below)


The dinner menu is going to include Biriyani (Veg and Non-veg), Roti, Curries, Sweet or Fruit Bowl, Ice-Cream. Breakfast would include the regular south indian fare.
We would encourage our participants to have an alcohol free New Years’ eve, and instead get intoxicated with nature. However, since the idea of new year’s eve and drinks are inseparable for many of you, we would request those of you who want to drink, to drink responsibly. People who drink, often act unpredictable and unruly and just so as not to ruin the experience of the rest of us, we would be requesting those who drink to do it separately, at a separate campsite and bonfire, and inter-mingle with the others who don’t.


The campsite would be open to people from 3pm on 31st. December, till 12pm on 1st January.
People who are coming by their own transportation can join anytime after 4pm on 31st december, and leave on January 1st morning before 12pm according to their preference.


The cost per head is Rs. 3000/- per person. Full time students can avail a discount of Rs. 500/- (on showing their student identity card).


If you are looking for transportation, you can avail of our bus which will cost Rs. 500/- for the trip(charged extra), and will have pick up points at Gachibowli flyover, Jubilee Checkpost and Tivoli Cinema, near Paradise Secunderabad. The bus would leave from the city by 4pm for the campsite, and start the return journey the next day at 11am.


The campsite is a 69 km ride from Secunderabad/Hyderabad from Jubilee Bus Stand located on the Secunderabad – Karimnagar Highway, and is 17 km past the town of Pregnapur near Gajwel. Co-ordinates will be shared with you, along with detailed driving instructions once you confirm your participation by transferring the payment.


You can pay either by transfering the complete amount to the following account number directly. Alternatively, you can make a booking here on meraevents by paying Rs. 500/-, and pay the rest in cash before the event, or transfer them to our account  : 
A/c No. 914010038457305
IFSC Code : UTIB0000027.
If you are transferring the amount to the bank account, please make sure you send us an email/SMS of the bank transaction details, or a screenshot of the same along with your mobile number. In the same mail/message, also mention where you would be boarding the bus, in case you are opting for it, or at what time you plan to reach the campsite, in case you are coming on your own.


-Comfortable clothes for trekking, Warm clothes for the night(sweaters, jackets)
-Blankets/ Sleeping bags/pillows
-Socks and gloves
-Photo Id ( passport, Employee/College Id, Pan card/Election Card/ -Driving license) with a xerox copy for us.- A note with your name and address, phone numbers, emergency contact name and number, Blood Group, and information about any food allergies you have or medication you need to take.
Optionals : Sunglasses, Water Bottle, Medicines, Sun Screen Lotion, Torch, Books/pen
(and, In case you own any of these)
  • Music Instruments/Songs/Games
  • Speakers/Music Players
  • Binoculars/Telescopes
  • Camera
  • Extra Batteries/power banks


Our previous New Year Night Gathering at Narsapur Lake in Narsapur Forest, Medak Dt. had more than 70 amazing people, who shared one of the most memorable evenings of our time. Here's a picture of that night.
You can check out a brief video of the same here :


Hyderabad Trails is an organization that curates shared experiences through organised walks, gatherings and getaway sojourns.
Check us out on facebook.
We welcome you to engage with us on our facebook event page for the New Year Gathering: will be sharing pictures of the venue, live updates etc. there, so feel free to message us there if you have any queries.


A few more things about Hyderabad Trails and Sojourns, that will help you understand us better.
1. Hyderabad Trails curates experiences through travel and exploration. At most destinations, we share the historical background, share local stories, appreciate the local heritage, architecture, food, arts and crafts, give insights into the local culture and way of life. Treks, adventures in the wild, meeting interesting people, reconnecting with local sources of wisdom, knowledge and sustainable practises are an integral part of our sojourns and tours.
2. Our gatherings offer a lot of informal spaces like bonfire nights, mornings at campsite etc. where participants can self-organize around interests, ideas, experiences etc. in the spirit of sharing and fun. And since we believe each participant is a resource person, anyone can offer to do a session/talk/workshop or share something, while there’s also possibilities for fun stuff like food, music, dance, conversation or games. On our previous events, we have had participants take informal sessions on acro-yoga, juggling, slack lining, photography, snuggling, meditation, sketching etc.
3. Our events are generally semi-structured. We don’t follow a rigid itinerary, and are open to spontaneity and delightful unplanned possibilities, as we discovered on several of our previous sojourns.
4. Our gatherings and sojourns are also about meeting new people and understanding new cultures. Hence, we try to bring together interesting people from diverse walks of life who are like minded, open to the possibility of learning, flexible and accommodative.
5. Our sojourns are about connecting with nature and developing a deeper appreciation and understanding of our relationships with our environment and each other. All throughout, we adopt eco-friendly and sustainable practices - encouraging the paradigm of reduce, reuse and recycle, while discouraging wastage and mindless consumption. We sometimes even encourage people to pick up the garbage along the trekking path, to enable us to leave the place better than we found it.
You can check out our Hampi Sojourn here :


We look forward to a memorable evening of enchantment, revelry and togetherness, this New Year's Eve, and your participation in the same.
Cheers !
Team Hyderabad Trails

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