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New Year 2016 Special Puja: Ashta Matrika Maha Yagya


  • New Year Puja Ashta Matrika Maha Yagya

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About The Event

New Year 2016 Special Puja: Ashta Matrika Maha Yagya :

Invite "Phenomenal Power of Universe" to your Life on this 2016 New Year with VedicFolks

Live Webcast on December 31st 2015 at 7.00 P.M to Midnight 12.00 A.M IST 

New Year is the day of inviting new righteous things to Life by removing negativities of past. On this year 2016, VedicFolks going to invite “Phenomenal Power of Universe-AshtaMatrikas" to your life to remove all negativities, black magic, Stress, diseases, misfortunes, court cases and other intolerances in life. 

Join with us and seek blessings from Powerful Universal Source - Ashtamatrikas.

Whos are Ashta Matrika's?

Ashta Matrika's (Brahmani, Maheshvari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani, Chamundi, Narasimhi) eight forms of goddess, from this seven matrika's are considered to be the female forms of seven gods and their power (Brahma, Shiva, Shiva, Indra, Karthikeya, Varaha, Narasimha) + Chamundi is the power of Maa Chandi usually identified with devi kali , all together appeared in the world as Ashta Matrika's to demolish the Evil-Devil (Demon) "Anthakasur".

Those who perform this Ashta Matrika's Maha haven/fireritual will get complete divine protection against Evil effects/ Demon's.

The Maha yajna of this Vedicfolks Premium Shared ritual includes all eight form of Goddess Japa and Homam (Fire Rituals).

Freebie: Free Energized framed Shree Yantra

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