New Vision of Life

New Vision of Life


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About The Event

Change your destiny and take complete control of your life for Real Happiness!  

Have you ever wondered about questions like "Who am I", "What is the purpose of my life", "What are the Dreams that I get at night and are they really trying to tell me something?" "How can I solve the difficult problems in life", "Why am I always in this kind of situations", "How do I can get some peace in my life", "How to live a healthy and a happy life", "How was the Universe formed", "Are there worlds around us invisible to our eyes", "What are the mysteries behind Egyptian, Mayan Pyramids"? 

Get answers for these and many more questions in life from our course on "New Vision of Life"! 

Uncover the mysteries of life, by knowing the root causes of the problems and real reasons for current situations you find yourself in; and take advantage of the knowledge, techniques and methods provided by eternal Gnosis!

Please come and join our introductory conferences in Aundh-Baner, Pune to begin the Inner Journey to uncover Mysteries of Life to Live Happily for the Real Purpose!!!!!! 

Our regular courses are conducted in our own centre in Aundh-Baner, Pune.

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