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New Delhi Players present \"Sandhya Chhaya\" Hindi Play


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New Delhi Players present 'Sandhya Chhaya' Hindi Play.

Tickets priced at Rs. 200 available at the venue or to order, contact : 
98991646445, 9811528213

Sandhya Chhaya, as the name signifies, is about the shadow which is cast upon the  evening or the final lap  of the life of an elderly lonely couple who endlessly waits for its offsprings to come and wipe away the loneliness hounding the husband-wife. Through this play a conscious effort has been made to convey a message to the youth as well as the senior generation that, firstly do not neglect senior citizens. They are a mirror image of your old age. Secondly, do not depend on your children for your share of happiness. Create your own independent world where dependency on the younger generation for company does not exist. If the senior citizens do not do so then sadly their end might be similar to that of the protagonist couple in the play.

The play showcases the relentless efforts of a couple to find company; be it through a wrong number or a servant or even a passerby who mistakenly knocks at their door. Such is the desperation!  Few other social issues have also been taken care of through Sandhya Chhaya, such as; growing discontentment among the youth against the country’s corrupt and immoral conscience. As a result the youth is losing confidence and not willing to settle in India if given an opportunity.

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