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Your certificate will carry the prestigious signature of co-creator of NLP & New Code NLP – John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP – Carmen Bostic St Clair & Michael Carroll.
Your certificate will hold

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About The Event

New Code NLP

Your certificate will carry the prestigious signature of co-creator of NLP & New Code NLP – John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP – Carmen Bostic St Clair & Michael Carroll.

Your certificate will hold value in every country of the world.

Trainer: Abhay Thakkar - India’s only trainer to provide these prestigious certificates.

NEW CODE NLP “The Ferrari of NLP” – co-creator John Grinder. Objective: to rectify the flaws in NLP which he had created with Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik.


New Code NLP will enable you to eliminate old limiting programming and install new patterns at neurological level which automatically enhances your physiology, emotional state, performance and behavior.

Course Contents:

• How would it be if you can bring about change in your life, loved ones, and others just by playing games!

And that too even without sharing the issues/challenges. Issues can range right from relationships, being emotionally affected by a past memory, or a future event and it can also be used to enhance in ‘performance oriented activities’ such as dance, sports, public speaking.

The games are designed to unleash the power and the wisdom of the unconscious mind and the unconscious mind automatically selects the appropriate state and behavior in a particular situation.

It also enables a person to realize – “You are more than what you think you are.”

• Learn to access ‘high performance no content' state and 'know nothing' state. "The problem is not the problem, the state in which you enter the problem is what needs to be addressed"- John Grinder

• Learn the right-brain oriented model of coaching and generative coaching. Learn the methodology of creating changes in every aspect of a person’s life and utilize power and wisdom of the unconscious mind. Even though the client comes to address a particular issue, but with the help of activities of ‘New Code NLP’, the other aspects of his life, besides the issue, also gets automatically addressed.

• Statistics show that when decisions taken from “gut instinct” are often correct unless seen from a shorter time frame. You will learn ways to access your “gut instinct” and use it for multiple benefits such as not being affected by factors beyond you – environment/people around – their health, etc or use to enhance health and wellbeing.

• Learn to activate the ‘healer within’ and, thereby, take the assistance of the unconscious mind for healing health related issues or to accelerate the healing process of any physical and physiological issue.

• Content free healing, i.e., no need to share what the issue is and still assist a person to deal with the issue or challenging circumstances they are in.

• Learn the precision model of eliciting information from anyone and, thereby, avoid miscommunication in relationship and achieve a deeper rapport with anyone.

• Learn emotional state management. Learn to respond rather than react. “Anger is an appropriate state in an appropriate context when operated out of choice" -John Grinder.

About the trainer:

Abhay Thakkar is an Internationally certified NLP trainer. He is the only one in India to provide NLP as well as New Code NLP trainings which are internationally recognized and certified by - Co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP – John Grinder & Co-developers of New Code NLP – Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Caroll.

Abhay Thakkar is a member of ITA – International Trainers Academy (International Trainers Academy). The mission of the ITA is to provide the highest quality of NLP Training to participants across the globe. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP & founder of ITA) is keen to ensure his intentions when co-creating the field are maintained and the integrity of NLP is preserved for future NLP generations to be built upon.

Besides being a NLP trainer, Abhay Thakkar has also explored various healing modalities such as Hypnotherapy, EFT, Family Constellation, Graphology, Chakra Healing, Past Life Regression, Transpersonal Regression therapy, which gives participants a unique understanding of NLP.

Previous course participants, who have found value in the course, have been able to easily apply in their professions, which range from being a Psychologist, Doctor, Sales and Marketing executive, HR professional, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Yoga teacher, Healer, NLP trainer, Hypnotherapist, Past life Regression therapist, Astrologer, School teacher, Vastu consultant, Dentist, Athlete/Sportsman, and more. They have also enhanced the quality of their personal lives.

Some Feedbacks fro Course Participants:

“Hi Abhay, this is one of the best and the most enriching workshops I have attended. Thank you for being a great trainer. I take back many insights apart from the subject. I am so glad I could make it. Wishing you many many more workshops like this so many more people can benefit. I really enjoyed new code NLP. Best Wishes.” - Rajeshwari L M, Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist.

“Hi,I thank all of you for those amazing five days of our togetherness during New Code NLP course. My special thanks to Abhay. No words to thank u for the wonderful learning you put us through. To be very precise I unlearnt lot of concepts n learnt them right again. Yesterday, I worked on the healer within with my mother whose knees are to be replaced. She cannot walk fast neither can sleep in AC as her knees will become stiff. Yesterday, post the session, she slept in AC due to Chennai heat and to our surprise she didn’t find any discomfort in walking today. She said her pain has reduced to a great extent. All credit goes to NLP & Abhay Thakkar” - Pushpa, NLP Master Practitioner, Behavioural & Soft Skills Trainer.

“Hi, I attended ‘NLP Core Skills,’ which was for 2 days as well as ‘New Code NLP’ training, which was for 5 days, from Abhay sir. My objective of attending the course was to resolve some of the issues I was facing and also learn techniques, which will help me to achieve peak performance level in every aspect of my life such as academic, professional, family and relationships, social and extra-curricular and the course fulfilled the objective. During the course there were various tools that I learnt in Core Skills and New code NLP training. For example, ‘Circle of excellence,’ ‘Sanctuary,’ ‘Fractionation,’ ‘Alphabet game’. The best part was that it is in experiential based learning course and we played games in the course which actually helped me to improve my state which further helped me in dealing with situations and people around me in much much better manner. It also helped me to get in touch with the power of my unconscious mind and I used it for achieving my desire goals. What I liked about Abhay is that his method of teaching is very experiential and insightful. There were many ‘wow’ moments I felt during the training. I am very thankful to him for sharing his knowledge with me and everyone. I suggest that if you wish to improve your quality of life, do the trainings from Abhay sir and you will also learn effective techniques to achieve more success in your life. Thank you so much Abhay.” - Nilesh Gawade, Social Worker & Trainer.

Course Date, Timing and Investment:

Date: 20th to 24th June (5 days)

Time: 9am-6pm

Investment: Rs 40,000 Early bird – Prior to 2nd June - Rs 29,000

The course investment is inclusive of international certificate, venue, meals (breakfast & lunch).

Limited seats.

Kindly note: ‘NLP Core Skills’ course on 19th & 20th May (facilitated by Abhay Thakkar) is a prerequisite for attending New Code NLP course; unless you are already a NLP Practitioner/Master Practitioner/ Trainer

Investment for both courses = ‘NLP Core Skills’ + ‘New Code NLP’ = Rs 52,000 Combo offer: Rs 32,000 (if booked prior to 2nd June).

*Payment in installments option available.

FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, if you are not satisfied with the course. 

Accommodation is also available with an extra charge, i.e., Rs 650 per night.

“Learning is a treasure which will follow its owner everywhere”

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