Network Simulator - NS2 Workshop

Network Simulator - NS2 Workshop


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About The Event

Aristocrat Technical Mentorship series presents Network Simulation program. It is an initiative of Aristocrat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. It is a two days workshop. The workshop takes you to a higher level of understanding about Network simulation, the technologies in networking and the current research challenges and trends.

If you are a beginner in networking research, if you are struggling with designing new protocols and concepts, if you believe that the networking world will change your future, if you want to become a master in network simulation, then this program is for you.

The main purpose of this “Hands-on NS workshop” is to create awareness and enrich knowledge for research scholars, faculty and students in the area of Network simulation using NS2. This training is aimed at enhancing the skill and knowledge in the fields of networks and also to understand about the current research opportunities in it. 
From the days of its first release it has excited the minds of researchers, students, network practitioners opened up many possibilities for doing simulation of different protocols before they are actually implemented in real time. NS2 (network simulator) is used by many researchers for doing research in computer networks MANET, WSN, VANET, IoT, IoV, etc.,

Network Simulator version 2 (NS-2) is a free and open source discrete event network simulator developed at UC Berkeley. It is an event driven simulation tool that has proved useful in studying the dynamic nature of communication networks. It covers a large part of applications, protocols, network types, network elements and traffic models. This program will be more useful for the people who are interested in the field of networks, to discuss recent trends and to identify future directions in network simulation.Who can Attend:  PhD scholars, Post Graduate Students, Engineering College Teachers, Engineering students and R & D scientists from Industry are encouraged to apply. 


• An in depth knowledge and practical experience about networking

• Extensive demonstration for gaining practical experience in implementation

• Free reference materials, tools and videos will be given.

• Post workshop support and access to many free technical seminars.


• A benefit of learning from the experts.

• A certificate of participation.

• E-Course Materials


1) Finding the Research Challenges in all the areas.

2) Specialized knowledge about creating new network and new routing protocol

3) You will be able to work with all kinds of technologies in NS2

4) You will be able to implement all kinds of concepts in that technologies.

5) Configuration, Installation and Back End Patch Works

6) You can able to create new agents

7) Clear Knowledge about the debugging methods8) Otcl to C++ Linkages 

Benefits of Attending the Program 

This Workshop helps the researchers to become Masters in NS2 Helps the students to analysis the current research opportunities Extensive demonstrations for gaining practical experience in implementation. To get awareness about the shortcuts in creating new prototypes  Develop awareness on performance of network and its relativity Increase confidence in results

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