NETI And DHAUTHI Kriya Workshop.

NETI And DHAUTHI Kriya Workshop.


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About The Event


Jala Neti is a yogic technique to clean your sinuses. Neti is one of the six purification methods in Hatha yoga. 
Surya Neti is also one of the Satkarma. Several health problems like migraines,hysteria,mental tension,hypertension and depression can be alleviated. Dhauti or kunjal Kriya is meant for purification of the upper digestive tract. 




Benefits of NETI Kriya : 




Has a positive influence on all sense organs in the head. Strengthens vision and relieves tired eyes (e.g. after working long hours at the computer). Neti can also be helpful in relieving headaches. Memory and concentration are improved. It is also beneficial for problems associated with the nasal and sinus cavities. Neti has a preventative effect against head colds and sinusitis. With regular use, Neti can also cure or at least ease hay fever and pollen allergies.




Benefits of DHAUTHI Kriya : 




Has a beneficial influence on high acidity, allergies and asthma. Eliminates halitosis (bad breath).


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