Nazar-Ka-Adda At Kunzum Cafe

Nazar-Ka-Adda At Kunzum Cafe


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May we invite you for the 9th 'Nazar-ka-Adda' after the really interesting session with Dayanita Singh and Aveek Sen in the last Adda.

With the 9th Adda we revert to our normal format. Photographers are encouraged to show and share their work, whether ongoing or completed projects. Each "Adda" is moderated by a person invited by Nazar who shall invite 3 to 4 Photographers to share their work and experiences. The Spirit of the Adda if we may spell it out, both for Presenters and the participants, is as follows:

The Adda is not about 'what we photograph' or 'how we photograph' but very clearly about "Why we Photograph". This principle is borne of the belief that Photography is a craft, or a language, which the serious practitioner uses to express his views about a subject, a cause or a vision. He/she should, ideally, use the medium to communicate and express, and not just to inform or merely show.

This is how we expect the Adda to be different and special and we make it a point that this is an understanding people come to once they have been through a session even if they didnt think so before they came for it. The idea is to be open, frank, participative and receptive.

The 9th Adda will be curated by Mustafa Quraishi.

He will be inviting 3 Photographers to present their work. Each person will show a series of photographs, ideally as a Photo Essay or part thereof, but certainly on one particular theme. Each person will be allowed 20-30 minutes to present their work and field comments and questions. In case there is a particular issue or concern which you may want to suggest for a wider debate, do write back with the topic and we will try and make a 15-20 minutes session for this with the group.

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