NAYI SABHYATA NAYE NAMUNE, a hilarious & romantic Comedy Play in Hindi

NAYI SABHYATA NAYE NAMUNE, a hilarious & romantic Comedy Play in Hindi


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PRATIBIMB KALA DARPAN presents “NAYI SABHYATA NAYE NAMUNE” a play in Hindi written by Dr Shankar Shesh. Designed & Directed by RAJESH BABBAR  at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi-110001 on Saturday, the 24th of March, 2012 at 7 P.M. ENTRY : FREE


Nayi Sabhyata…Naye Namune, a Hindi comedy play is written by a well- known writer Dr Shankar Shesh. Krishan Kumar (K.K), a young man who is in urgent need of money as his sister Shobha is admitted in a Sanatorium for which, he required money for her treatment. He made a plan to grab money by doing fraud with rich, innocent & stupid people. Udho, his servant is also associated with him in the entire plan and acts as a coordinator. He is very clever and has talent to convince the people.

K.K interacts with two young rich girls Sweety & Neelu and involves them in love by making them reach on cloud 9 & giving false promises of love where he introduces himself with Sweety as Poet & writer by doing intellectual activities pretending himself as religious person and is writing a “Maha-Kavya” a book based on their extreme devoted love and grabbed huge money for publishing the said book. On the other hand, he also approached another rich girl Neelu in such a way that she also fell in love with him. Neelu has an ambition to produce a feature film where she will act as a heroine. She also agreed to finance the film and gives an advance to start the work on it, but the motto of K.K is quite clear i.e. to grab the money for meeting his own vested interests.


Not only this, K.K motivates two other rich persons- Bhulvoo Prasad (B.P) and Gagan Bihari that how can they convince Sweety & Neelu respectively for the marriage? For this, he becomes LOVE GURU and teaches them stupid tricks to catch up girls. He grabs lot of money from them. The play communicate the masses that how the young generation wants to earn money overnight and become millionaire by any means? Today, the youth/ young generation wants to reach in a climax within no time and also giving up their culture like respect to their parents/elders. The play takes didacticism to complex aesthetic patterns with vivid characters infused with humour and wit. The play maintains a lively tempo throughout.  


CAST: Ashish Sharma, Javed Sameer, Manasi, Madhulika, Deepak Sharma, Nishant, Gaurav Sharma & Zia ur Rehman

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