Naya Daur - Film Screening & Discussion At Habitat World

Naya Daur - Film Screening & Discussion At Habitat World


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Habitat Film Club Discussion Group Meets To Discuss 'Naya Daur'.

The film is set in post-independence India at the onset of Industrialization. The focus is on Tangawallahs who earn their living transporting people from place to place on Tangas (horse-carts). Their livelihood is threatened when the son of a rich landlord begins operating a bus service in the town, which he subsidizes heavily with the sole intention of first, driving the Tangawallahs out of the town and then making profits. A race between the 2 modes of transport is then proposed to decide which service is the best - Bus or the Tanga? Research scholar Prakash K. Ray will introduce the film and facilitate the discussion reflecting on the relevance of Naya Daur in today’s day and age, especially as it addresses issues pertinent to today’s times- man v/s machine and the triumph of the human spirit.

Language : Hindi

Year : 1957

Duration : 173 mins

Director : B. R. Chopra

Cast : Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala etc

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