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One of the most sacred and divine nights of worship of primordial Mother Adi Shakti is the Navaratri, or nine nights. The goddess when worshipped in her multiple forms grants ultimate blessings to her devotees like prosperity and conde

Navratri Special Rituals


  • Navratri Special Rituals

    Navratri Puja Special Rituals Helps To Receive Ultimate Blessings of Primordial Force Goddess Adi Sh...akti

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One of the most sacred and divine nights of worship of primordial Mother Adi Shakti is the Navaratri, or nine nights. The goddess when worshipped in her multiple forms grants ultimate blessings to her devotees like prosperity and condemning negativity. The divine festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. The nine nights invoke the powerful forms of the Shakti — Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi and therefore Navaratri symbolises power, prosperity, wealth and knowledge. In the northern parts of India, Navaratri concludes with Dussehra and in southern parts with Vijaya Dasami.

Vedicfolks’ special rituals to the Supreme Goddess Adi Shakti involve a series of pujas and homas for the progress and prosperity of our clients.


To Receive Ultimate Blessings of Primordial Force Goddess Adi Shakti

9 Propitious Temple Pujas & Highly Powerful Homams

Scheduled On Oct. 10, 2018 - Oct. 18, 2018

Navratri Special Rituals

  • Patteeswaram Temple Puja
  • Shakthi Peeth - Sarva Mangala Devi Homam
  • Kaligambal Temple Puja
  • Ashta Lakshmi Temple Puja
  • Lakshmi Narasimha Temple Puja
  • Kanakadhara Homam
  • Koothanur Saraswathi Temple Puja
  • Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple Puja
  • Chandi Homa

Day 1 - Patteeswaram Temple Puja

Fulfill all wishes at this famous temple where Goddess Durga performed tapas or deep meditation. The temple got its name after Patti the offspring of Kamadhenu, the sacred cow assisted the deity in her penance. Worshipping the goddess here removes effects of Black magic, Bad luck, Health Issues, Enemy Hassles etc...

Day 2 - Shakthi Peeth Sarva Mangala Devi Homam

This temple situated in Gaya, Bihar has been mentioned in Padma Purana, Agni Purana and Vayu Purana. It’s an ancient temple and the Goddess Mangala Gauri is worshipped ad goddess of benevolence. It’s an Upa Shakti Peetha where a part of the body – breast, a symbol of nourishment fell. The ritual to the beautiful goddess helps you win over adversaries, hurdles and enemies. All legal cases related to marriage and other matters can be solved peacefully with this ritual. Vedicfolks’ Shakti Peeth series pays reverence to both Lord Bhairava and Lord Hanuman. The aspect of Shiva associated with this particular temple is Kala Bhairava.

How Mangala Gauri Homam Can Be Beneficial for Navaratri 2018

  • To win over enemies, adversaries, hurdles and legal tangles
  • To have a smooth relationship with your married partner or also for a good marriage alliance
  • The ritual protects from all sorts of diseases especially blood.
  • To eradicate financial burdens like loans and bring prosperity
  • To eliminate negative effects of planet Mars

Day 3 - Kaligambal Temple Puja

The Kaligambal temple situated in Chennai is one of the oldest temples that exist since 17th century. Lord Shiva manifests here as Lord Kamateswarar. A puja in this great temple solves all domestic problems including marital issues.

Day 4 - Ashta Lakshmi Temple Puja

The Asha Lakshmi temple is an abode to eight forms of Maha Lakshmi, benefactor of wealth and prosperity. The principle deities are Mahalakshmi and Mahavishnu and the eight forms of the goddess are located in different directions of the temple on various floors. Performing puja in this powerful temple brings multifold blessings to you.

Day 5 - Lakshmi Narasimha Temple Puja

The Lakshmi Narasimha temple located in Sholingur in Vellore district is one the 108 Divya Desams. A Puja in this temple removes negative energies/evil spirits. For perfect wedding matches, and boon of a child and also for doing away with sorrows in life.

Day 6 - Kanakadhara Homam

The word Kanakadhara means unending rain of gold from heaven. The Kanakadhara Homam is a very powerful and effective one for those facing severe problems of money. It grants wealth, property, copious food, longevity, vehicles, fame, high social status, perfect spouse, children, good health, pleasures of life, joy, trade, success, accolades and total fulfilment.

How Kanakadhara Homam Can Be Beneficial for Navaratri 2018

  • Kanakadhara Homam is one of the best solutions for people in debt.
  • It endows the devotee with copious riches and splendour.
  • It grants the blessings of all forms of Mahalakshmi and wipes away money worries.
  • It grants eight types of siddhis called ashta siddhis or eight divine powers.
  • With this powerful ritual, a person attains total fulfilment in every aspect of life.

Day 7 - Koothanur Saraswathi Temple Puja

This is the only temple in the entire Tamilnadu dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi. Navratri is celebrated with great fervour in this temple. Devotees worshipping here are gifted with the boon of knowledge and wisdom. A puja in this temple clears problems related to employment, business & career.

Day 8 - Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple Puja

The Kanchi Kamakshi temple is one of the 51 Shakthi peetams. The Goddess removes obstacles in the path of marriage and therefore young girls worship here to enter into wedlock. A Puja in this temple grants prosperity, inner peace and perennial joy to her devotees.

Day 9 - Chandi Homa

Chandi is an extremely furious and compelling manifestation of Goddess Durga and is the primordial vitality in charge of creation, sustenance and annihilation of the whole universe. She is the sum total of energies of all creatures in the universe. Performing the Chandi Homa on Navaratri lightens the impact of evil eye casting, curses and obstacles. One is honoured with utmost wellbeing, riches and a thriving life.

Benefits of Chandi Homam

  • Removes malefic effects of planets, especially Rahu and Ketu
  • Helps achieve victory over enemies, gives strength and removes threats, danger.
  • Grants success in court cases and all other complicated issues.
  • All types of black magic or other doshas are thwarted.
  • Promises unlimited health, wealth and prosperity.
  • It overcomes all sufferings and fulfills desires.

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