Navaratri 2013

Navaratri 2013


  • Navaratri 2013

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About The Event

Description of Navaratri

Nava’ means ‘nine’ and ‘ratri’ is made up of ‘ra’ which also means ‘night’ and ‘tri’ meaning the three aspects of our life – body, mind and soul. There are three types of botherations or problems that may affect a person – physical, mental and spiritual. That which gives you relief from all these difficulties is ‘ratri’. ‘Ratri’ or night relieves you of misery and brings comfort. The night relaxes everybody; whether happy, unhappy or miserable, everybody goes to sleep. The nine-day period of Navratri at Art of Living , Bangalore Ashram is marked by a series of Yagna and Homas. These Yagnas nullify all the misery, sorrow and pain in the world. Each day of this nine-day period has special implications and yagnas and homas are performed accordingly.

In life, there are positive and negative qualities that affect us."Navaratri represents how the negativity can be conquered by the inherent positive qualities in an individual so that one emerges as a Divine being."

- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

We invite you to join the spiritual retreat during Navaratri Celebrations at Bangalore Ashram from 5th – 14th October 2013.

Participation in Poojas and Homas is open for all.

The Art of Living International Center is one of the must see places in Bangalore during Navaratri days.

Below is the schedule of Poojas, Homas and Satsang during Navaratri.


S. No. Date & Day Thithi Time Schedule
Amavasya 10.00 AM Rudrabhishekam
1st Day 05/10/2013
Pratipat 07.00 PM Rudrabhishekam
Navaratri Pooja Starts
2nd Day 06/10/2013
Dwithiya 07.00 PM Rudrabhishekam
3rd Day 07/10/2013
Trithiya 07.00 PM Rudrabhishekam
4th Day 08/10/2013
Chathurthi 07.00 PM Rudrabhishekam
5th Day 09/10/2013
Panchami 07.00 PM Rudrabhishekam
6th Day 10/10/2013
07.00 AM Rudraabhishekam
08.30 AM Sri Maha Ganapathy Homam
Sri Subrahmanya &
Navagraha Homam
04.30 PM Chandi Homa Prarambham
7th Day 11/10/2013
07.00 AM Rudrabhishekam
08.00 AM Sri Maha Rudra Homam
05.00 PM Sri Maha Sudarshana Homam
Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam
8th Day 12/10/2013
Ashtami 07.00 AM Rudrabhishekam
Shatha Chandi Homam
9th Day 13/10/2013
Navami 07.00 AM Rudrabhishekam
Rishi Homam
10th Day 14/10/2013
Dashami 07.00 AM Rudrabhishekam
Vijaya Dashami Pooja

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