National Workshop & Exhibition On Drinking Water Quality At IHC

National Workshop & Exhibition On Drinking Water Quality At IHC


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In order to provide safe drinking water in adequate quantity, focusing on convenience, equity, and consumer preference, the Government of India assists the State Governments technically and financially through the National Rural Drinking Water Programme. This event aims to bring together National and State level Policy Makers, Implementers, Scientists, Engineers, and Industry Representatives for sharing the latest advances and products available for tackling Water Quality Contamination.

About 80% of drinking water sources in rural India are based on groundwater as source. Geogenic contamination due to leaching of chemicals has resulted in excess arsenic, fluoride, iron and salinity concentrations in drinking water, while nitrate contamination is resulting from use of excess fertilizers and/or sewage pollution. As on 1/4/2011, the rural population in 1.21 lakh habitations is yet to be provided with safe drinking water. As on date, arsenic contamination is yet to be fully tackled in 8 States, fluoride in 19 States, iron in 21 States, salinity in 15 States and nitrate in 11 States in the country.

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