National Conference On Waste To Wealth

National Conference On Waste To Wealth


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The National Conference on waste to wealth in Industry will focus on power generation from industrial waste along with effective management of the industrial waste. It will provide a national platform to discuss and debate strategies, policies and demonstrate best practices, technologies in relation to generation of renewable energy in industries. The conference encompasses a comprehensive dialogue and networking opportunities that will bring thought-leaders, apex government representatives, industries and technology providers together.


India has potential of harnessing 19,500 MW of electricity from biomass and by the end of 10five years plan only 384 MW have been realised. Industrial sector consumes about 35% of the total electricity generated in India Energy from industrial waste is mostly an untapped electricity source. Technology such as co-generation using one single process to generate both useful heat and electricity is spontaneously getting popular with industries such as solvent extraction, food process, rice mills, rubber processing plants, palm oil extraction, paper and pulp manufacturing etc. Some of these industrial units are generating electricity through bio-mass waste from their operation, which offers considerable potential to save energy, increase productivity, and reduce carbon footprint of these industries. Other technologies such as usage of solar power in industries, setting up solar thermal, wind power stations for supplementing the energy requirement of industry will also be prominently highlighted in this conference. The conference will assemble leading industry players, equipment suppliers, apex government institutions, civil society organizations and consultants to address and discuss challenges and strategies for streamlining
the way forward.

Key Objectives
* Discuss the current and future prospect of energy from industrial waste.

* Deliberate on scaling up electricity through industrial waste.
* Experience sharing of best practices.
* Deliberate on strategies to generate incentives for installing waste to electricity recovery plants.
* B2B meeting among equipment suppliers and prospective industries.
* Deliberate on policy measures to prevent unhygienic disposal of industrial waste.

Focus Areas
* Cost and benefits of waste management options in industries

* Developing working synergy among People, Policies, Persuasion and Payoffs for promoting
  energy recovery from agro based industries.

* Highlight the key government strategies to for promotion of renewable energy in agro based
* Benchmark field trial projects, and success stories in waste to energy recovery.
* Advanced technologies on industrial waste to energy.

Key Deliverables
* Decentralized power from renewable sources, thereby reducing huge transmission and

  distribution losses.
* Optimum resource utilization in agro based industries.
* Benefits with improved quality, reliability of power for industrial operation.
* Emission reduction and subsequent environmental benefits.

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