National Conference on Cyber Space Security (NCCSS)

National Conference on Cyber Space Security (NCCSS)


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About The Event


National Conference on Cyber Space Security (NCCSS) 2013

Research Challenges and Trends 

December 6-7, 2013

Venue: Hotel Atria, Palace Road, Bangalore

Theme: Securing National Critical Infrastructure


Powerful personal computers, high-bandwidth and wireless networking technologies, and the widespread use of the Internet have transformed stand-alone computing systems and predominantly closed networks into the virtually seamless fabric of today’s information technology infrastructure.

The Nations’ infrastructure – the seamless fabric of interconnected computing and storage systems, mobile devices, power grids, control systems, software, wired and wireless networks, and related technologies – has become indispensable to public- and private-sector activities throughout our society and around the globe. Pervasive, cost-effective communication enables a vast, constant flow of information that has transformed work environments and processes in government, business and industry, and advanced research, health care, and many other fields.


This infrastructure also supports other critical National infrastructures, such as those that supply our food, water, energy, financial transactions, and transportation, as well as public health, emergency response, and other vital services. The interconnectivity that makes seamless delivery of essential information and services possible, however, also exposes many previously isolated critical infrastructures to the risk of cyber attacks mounted through the infrastructure by hostile adversaries. The exposure of critical infrastructure to cyber-based attacks is expected to increase, as convergence of network and device technologies accelerates, and as systems increasingly connect to the Internet to provide added functionality or greater efficiency.

Safeguarding the Nation’s infrastructure and critical infrastructure sectors for the future is a

matter of national security.



This National Conference on Cyber Space Security -NCCSS-2013 being organized by CSI-BC is to be held on December 6, 7 2013 at Hotel Atria, Palace Road, Bangalore.  The target audience would be mainly from the corporate sector, Enforcement, Legal experts, policy makers and Academia.

Some of the tracks to be covered are as given below.




  1. Critical Infrastructure security
  2. Information Assurance & Security
  3. Cyber Laws, policies and Cyber Crimes-Law Enforcement and Incident Response.
  4. Cyber Forensics, borderless challenges and the cloud

Themes for Talks to be delivered by invited speakers

  1. Cyber Security Threats- Aurora - Real-time Security Threat Management.
  2. Future Disruptive Technologies- Threat Landscape of future.
  3. International Framework for Securing Critical  National Infrastructure
  4. Law and policies governing Cyber Security.
  5. FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) up with VoIP Security - What can you do?
  6. Cloud Computing and Security
  7. Security in the mobile world.
  8. 8.      IRSCP- IRSCP: Intelligent Route Service Control Point 
  9. 9.      Enterprise Security: A Communities of Interest (CoI) Approach 

10.  Intranet Security Analysis and Real-Time Monitoring 

11.  Digitalization as a Force Multiplier. 

12.  Industry Analysis of Threats and prevention-Security Breaches and enforcement issues.

Event Chair:

Mr. Bindumadhava B.S, CDAC, Bangalore 

Program Committee:

Mr. T. Sabapathy-Chair

Dr. Channappa Akki -Co -Chair

Organising Committee

Mr. Chander P. Mannar

Ms. Bhanumathi K.S

Event Co-Chair:

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed,

Acharya Institutes, Bangalore 

Finance Committee:

Mr.Suman Kumar S.P


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