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About The Event


The NATIONAL ACHIEVERS 2018 CONFERENCE brings you the opportunity to achieve amazing results in your personal life, business, finances and health by bringing the world's leading experts in these fields and top inspirational speakers to you at this amazing 1-day event.

GAURGOPAL DAS International life coach

Gaur Gopal Das is an Electrical Engineer, having studied at the College Of Engineering, Pune. After a brief stint with Hewlett Packard, he decided to upgrade his career to be a life coach. Consequently in the year 1996 he joined ISKCON & has been very active in this field ever since. Serving in the leadership at the ISKCON Chowpatty branch, Gaur Gopal Das has been speaking at various prestigious colleges in India and abroad for over 2 decades.He has been very actively involved in guiding leading doctors & medical professionals across the globe.


International Bestselling Author, Global Speaker & India's Leading Business Coach

Rajiv is the author of the International Bestseller and Amazon Bestseller book titled – “Lead or Bleed – How entrepreneurs and corporate leaders can stop fire-fighting and start accelerating performance and profits.”

He has been a serial entrepreneur and a business coach for the last 9 years and is known for the exponential growth he has created for his clients. He is on a mission to help small and micro entrepreneurs to build their Business in a manner for it to grow without them.


After working in management for three companies that downsized and laid-off most of its employees, Robert Riopel decided to take control of his own destiny.

At 23, Robert purchased a franchise pizza business, turning it into an extremely profitable enterprise. Using the knowledge he gained, he went on to take six other stores from near bankruptcy to high profits.Unfortunately, as his income skyrocketed, so did his unconscious habit of spending all he earned.He eventually wound up $150,000 in debt. However, by using #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Peak Potentials Training Inc., T. Harv Eker’s principles, he went from deep debt to being financially free by age 32.


Best selling Author , International Sportsman , Leading Sales Trainer and coach

whose mission is to empower and enable every human being whom he trains to remove their self-created barriers and unleash the dormant potential, thereby live a more Powerful, Positive, Prosperous and Purposeful life.

An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Dr Arunaagiri has also undergone personal training by international trainers like Blair Singer, Harv Ekar Ron Kaufman, Tony Buzan, Ivan Misner. He is the author of Three best selling books “Unleash your Potential”, “Jogging for Life Success” and “Being Customer Centric” and his forth coming book “The Sales Master“ is being published by the top international Publisher “Black – Card” –CANADA.

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