NASA International Space Apps Challenge

NASA International Space Apps Challenge


About The Event

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge is a global hackathon that is taking place in over 130 cities across the world on 11 - 12 April. This event is an initiative from the NASA Open Innovation Program to provide public access to the vast NASA data in an effort to promote Open Source solutions to various challenges related to life on Earth and in space. People, regardless of profession, culture or age, are encouraged to participate in the event to bring their unique perspective and collaborate to provide meaningful solutions to global challenges.

The challenges will be in the following areas: Robotics, Technology in Space, Earth Imagery, Human Spaceflight and Asteroids. Solutions can be a software or hardware, but should be available publicly after the end of the event. Two teams from each city will be nominated to compete on the global level. The winning team of the global competition will then get an invite to attend a prestigious NASA event later in the year.

The goal of the event is to encourage developers, engineers and others to utilise space technology and data to make a difference in the world. Moreover, through this event organisers want to encourage people to take up space science and engineering as their profession and explore space industry to form their next start-up.

Interested person can register on the official Space Apps Challenge website:

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