Narayana Kavacham Maha Homam - LIVE Webcast

Narayana Kavacham Maha Homam - LIVE Webcast


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About The Event

Narayana Kavacham Live Maha Homa
LIVE WEBCAST on September 26th 2015, Saturday at 5.30AM to 10.30AM IST

Purattasi Month Signature Ritual from Vedicfolks: Vedicfolks for the first time after several thousand years is performing Narayana Kavacham Maha Homa on this Auspicious Purattasi Month 2nd Saturday.

This is very special to all of us because we are using the same mantra given to Lord Indra to defeat the fierce demon Vritrasura. So, it is a very rare and important event for you and your family members to get "Invincible Powers" from absolute truth Sriman Narayana himselves.


Significance of Narayana Kavaca Homam : 

1.      Invincible Power and protection to you and your family from Lord Narayana himselves 
2.      It removes all past life sins, Pitru dosha and Guru Dosha.
3.      Abundance of Wealth and prosperity like that of Lord Indra
4.      Elevated Spiritual wisdom and Guru’s blessings
5.      Removes Mercury dosha and Jupiter Dosha


 Freebies: Free Narayana Dasa Reading for Sankalpa Sponsors + Narayana Kavach Prasad

Narayana Dasa Reading: Astrologically, Narayana Dasa reading will be 100% accurate when compared to Vimsottara Dasa. Vedicfolks uses narayana dasa for all its Time-Events predictions. So, getting this report will help you to lead a successful life ahead. The Narayana dasa measures the progression of the lagna, and thus physical conditions encountered by the native, through various stages of his life.


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