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We at Professional Beauty India will be recognising and awarding nail technicians and artists with our Nail Premier League competition. With different categories for all nail professionals to enter, giving everyone in the industry the opportun

Nail Premier League 2017


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About The Event


We at Professional Beauty India will be recognising and awarding nail technicians and artists with our Nail Premier League competition. With different categories for all nail professionals to enter, giving everyone in the industry the opportunity to participate and put their talents to the test, whether you’re an experienced nail professional, or just starting out as an aspiring nail technician.


Besides the experience and recognition, the winners of Nail Premier League in each category will receive a beautiful crystal trophy, gorgeous product hampers and certificate of achievement, 2nd and 3rd placements will also receive a product hamper and certificate of achievement.

Nail Premier League Categories

Category 1:

Showcase Nail Art 

Photographic Nail Art competitions: “Orchids”

Tip Box – The Elements

Category 2:

Mixed Media Nail ArtTheme: “History of India” Any type and combination of nail art style, and nail enhancement system may be used.

Category 3:

Gel Polish CreationsTheme: 2017 pantone shade “Blue Fantasy

Category 4:

Gel Polish Manicure – One hand French, One hand red in gel polish only with manicure.

Category 5:

Tip Overlay Novice – Liquid & Powder and Gel tip overlay application (One hand natural in a single colour product application, right hand polished red)

Category 6:

Tip Overlay Liquid & Powder – One hand French pink & white product application, right hand red polish)

Category 7:

Tip Overlay Gel – One hand French pink & white product application, right hand red polish)

Category 8:

Sculpting Liquid & Powder – One hand French product application, right hand red polish

Category 9:

Sculpting Gel – One hand French product application, right hand red polish.

Terms & Conditions

Nail Competition Rules & Regulations


The following rules apply to all categories and must be adhered to. Any Rules and Regulations that are not adhered to will mean immediate disqualification, no exceptions will be made.

1. All Nail Competition categories will take place on the 18th & 19th September 2017.

2. The competition is open to all nail technicians and working professionals over the ages of 18.

3. Please note that registration will open at 8:00 and end by 9:00, all contestants must be set up by 9:30 for briefing, as the Nail Enhancement competition is to begin at 10:00 sharp.

4. Nail Art Mixed Media category will start at 9:00 sharp and end at 1:00.

5. All entries must be completed and faxed or emailed through to the Professional Beauty offices with proof of payment to confirm registration, details on the entry form by no later than the 20th January.

6. Please note that all contestants must also pre-register themselves and their models online at to gain admission to the exhibition on the day of the event. Please ensure you arrive early to gain admission and get organized.

7. IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be a dedicated Competition registration desk to enter through and confirm your registration at, PLEASE use this registration area only. You will then be directed as to where to go.

8. Contestants must bring all their own necessary products and supplies to work with, as this will not be supplied. It is mandatory to have certain items present at their stations during the competition, as they will be judged on this.

9. All containers with products in them, such as primer, liquid and powders should be in original containers that are professionally labeled.

10. Contestants and models may not leave the competition area during the competition without permission from the Competition Director.

11. Briefing is scheduled 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition and all contestants and models must be present and will be briefed according to their particular category.

12. When the competition is over, models must line up at the judges’ booth, as they are called up according to their entry number. Models may not leave the competition area until all judges have judged them.

13. Competitors may compete in more than one category over the two days as long as the categories are not coinciding or taking place at the same time, an overall winner will be chosen from the categories and according to who has accumulated the most points over the two days of participating.

14. Models must be provided by the nail technician and accompany them to the show, as the organizers are not able to arrange this.

15. Models must not have damaged nails or nails with any infections – if they do, the competitor will be disqualified immediately.

16. It is important that all contestants must inform their models that they will be required to be there the entire day, for judging as well as for the award ceremony so they will need to be patient and have the time set aside and not leave.

17. Please make sure your models eat prior to the competition also ensure they have something to drink, in order to avoid any medical emergencies.

18. Models are not allowed to wear any identifiable jewelry or garments with logos or advertising.

19. Only contestants, their Models, Judges and Organizers’ will be allowed into the competition arena.

20. The use of mobile phones, as well as smoking and eating will not be allowed in the competition area during the competition, water and cold drinks will be allowed but must not clutter the tables or get in the way of other competitors.

21. A closed judging system will be used for all categories except for Nail Art categories, which will undergo an open judging system.

22. Please do not help yourself to any documentation score sheets or anything pertaining to the competition without prior permission. Once the Awards ceremony is over please kindly ask one of the competition officials to assist you, alternatively they can be collected at the Professional Beauty/TE Trade Events.

23. Score sheets are private and confidential and a competitor reserves the right not to share their scores with anyone, unless they wish to do so.

24. Location and time of the awards presentation is on the time schedule, any changes will be announced during briefing, judges will do their best to be available for feedback and critique immediately after the awards presentation.

25. The Organizers reserve the right to revise and combine or change categories depending on the amount of entries for each category, each category no matter which system is used will be judged according to set specific criteria.

26. Competitors and models are expected to stay until the prize giving is over, if they are not present, the next highest score will be awarded first place.

27. In the case of a tie, the time factor will be accounted for, and the contestant with the quickest time will be placed.

28. All competitors will receive a Certificate of Participation. Prizes will be awarded to the winners on the day of the competition at the awards ceremony.

29. Professional Beauty reserves the right to dismiss or disqualify anyone from the competition for unprofessional behaviour or for not adhering to the said Rules and Regulations. The judge’s decision is final and NO unprofessional behaviour or verbal abuse of judges will be accepted what so ever.

30. All Professional Nail Stylists, Educators and Winners of previous years in any of the nail enhancement categories will have to enter the Masters level, in order to pave the way for new competitors to enter the other categories.

31. Professional Beauty Reserves the right to revise prizes without any notice due to lack of sponsorship. Any changes will be announced during briefing.

32. Any complaints may not be addressed at the event. These complaints should be put in writing to the Professional Beauty office or the Competition Director, which will be responded to within 30 days after the event.

33. Categories are subject to change at the Organizer’s discretion – this could be due to low participation and or sponsorship.

34. The final prize giving time is subject to change at the Organizer’s discretion –due to a discrepancy in the score, which may take the judges a little time to mediate.

35. Photography of models during the competition will NOT be allowed without prior arrangement being made. Photos may not be taken or used by any other company for their own advertising or gain without prior permission from the organizers.

36. Only official Professional Beauty photographers and media sponsors will be allowed to take photographs and reserves the right to use these within any publications and for future promotions. All photos taken by the show’s photographer are the property of the show management, and its Organizers.


Floor Judging – Floor judging will take place at the start and during the competition; all criteria below will be taken into strict consideration and will count towards your final score. No exceptions will be made and will apply to all categories, including Mixed Media Nail Art.

1. Hygiene and Sanitation.

  • A submersible disinfection unit with disinfectant liquid such as barbacide, cavacide or any hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Hand sanitizers and other sanitation products must be visible and be used.
  • Neatness and cleanliness will also be a contributing factor, no dust must be present on work surfaces.
  • A bin must be provided for disposables. NO PLASTIC BAGS!

2. Appearance and dress code:

  • All technicians must be dressed professionally in uniform with hair tied back.
  • NO T-shirts or jeans are to be worn.
  • Make-up and Jewelry is to be kept to a minimum and must look professional.

3.Health and Safety:

  • All safety procedures and standards must be adhered to throughout the competition.
  • Safety glasses and masks must be visible and worn.

4. Products Before the start of the competition, the floor judges will check all tables for products not allowed in the competition.

  • Only Professional Nail products are allowed.
  • All products must be stored correctly in proper airtight containers.
  • All products must be in their original packaging, and properly and professionally labeled.
  • Towels, liners, products, implements, bins, lamps and table decorations etc; will all need to be provided by the contestant. Buffers and files must be new and unused.

5. Professionalism:

  • Professional table layout and set-up will be taken into account.
  • Contestants and models must behave in a professional manner throughout the competition.
  • Should either you or your model need to leave the competition area, you need to be escorted by a competition official; your time will not be able to be made up.

6. Consultation: Your model should be treated as a client, so you would do everything you would do in your salon environment; i.e. a full client consultation card needs to be completed and visible on your workstation.

7. Model – Your most important item for the competition is to make sure you have a reliable model with good hands and nails, which will be there for you the entire day.

  • Make sure she knows what type of commitment is required from her.
  • Make her aware that she is required for the entire duration of the nail competition.
  • Floor judges must be notified of any damage to their models nails, cuticles or skin prior to the start of the competition.
  • No models with contagious skin or nail conditions will be allowed to participate. Nail Art Competitions

26th September

  • Mixed Media Nail Art Category The Nail stylist has complete artistic freedom to create a set of nails done with any nail enhancement system or nail art medium. The work must be created according to the set theme Cinderella, the artwork may be interpreted in any way which the artist feels will best show and feature the theme and art work created to depict the theme.

Rules & Regulations

1. Please note the Mixed Media Nail Art category will start at 9:30 on the 26th of September

2. Nail technicians will be given 4 hours to complete their designs for this category and must be completed during the competition time given.

3. Contestants must apply nail enhancements to their models nails prior to the competition without any design work or colour and may be any length and shape required for the necessary artwork to be created.

4. NB: Only 9 nail enhancements may be applied prior to the competition, one nail enhancement must be applied and constructed in the competition arena and as part of the competition time. This enhancement will be judged comparatively as part of the criteria and overall finish for uniformity.

5. Designs may be 3D, flat or imbedded or a combination.

6. All designs and parts have to be constructed, painted and completed at the nail table during the competition.

7. NO premade shop bought items, stencils, stick on decals and stencils may be used. Parts of figurines may be premade, but may not be assembled, painted or decorated.

8. It is entirely up to the artist to interpret the pre-chosen theme in any way they wish to do so, as long as they have used their artistic skill and creativity to do so and the theme is clearly depicted in the artwork produced.

9. Any nail enhancement product and Nail Art medium may be used to achieve the design.

10. Contestants must provide all their own electrical items such as electric Files, lamps etc.

11. All ten of the models fingers must have a nail art design on them and must be completely constructed within the competition time. The nails should tell a story and be complimentary from one nail to the next.

12. Extra embellishments such as rhinestones glitter or other items may be used to compliment the design but must not cover or take up more than 15% of the design. Remember it is about skill, pasting a whole lot of pre-bought items onto a nail will not benefit you.

13. The nail enhancement, tip or base, which the design is created on, will also be taken into consideration and should be well and neatly constructed.

14. The models nails, outfit, as well as special attention to detail and presentation of the final overall look, will all be taken into consideration? Accessories, jewelry, wigs are all allowed. Nails will be the main deciding factor but presentation will count towards the overall look and points allocated.

15. Models must be ready to be judged upon completion.

16. Models must arrive already dressed in their costumes, with make-up and hair done pertaining to the theme. No extra time will be given to change into costumes.

17. Props are allowed; however, they must be smaller than the model as contestants will be standing for the judging process.

18. Contestants will be given 15 minutes, once the time is up, to position their models and touch up their models costume, hair and make-up.

19. The models must be presented with all the surrounding skin, including the cuticle, completely clean and free of any excess polish, enhancement product, paint or residue of nail art mediums.

20. The models make-up and costume may not be removed without the judges’ prior permission, and until the competition and prize giving is over.

21. Nail Art whether flat, imbedded or 3D will be judged according to the criteria below, so please pay careful attention to detail.


Contestants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Theme interpretation & Creativity
  • Technical Quality & use of products to create the Designs.
  • Color Theory & Use
  • Design Control
  • Design Continuity
  • Design Quality
  • Composition of Design
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Overall Impression & presentation – Theme - Nails, Costume and Make-up.
  • Finished Quality & Neatness

PLEASE NOTE: Contestants must provide a storybook or presentation with written details upon registration in the competition arena for the judges to look at during the judging process.

Storybook or presentation must include:

  • Nail Stylist’s full name.
  • Salon name
  • Theme and inspiration or story behind the theme.
  • A full step-by-step explanation of how the design was accomplished and with which mediums and products.
  • This may also be presented as a storyboard.

26th September

  • Perfect Polish - Gel Polish Manicure: This competition is open to all Nail Stylists and beauty therapists qualified in manicure skills and the application of Gel Polish. Competitors have to conduct a classic manicure on natural nails in preparation for a perfect gel polish application. (One hand must be done in a Red Gel Polish application and the other in a French Gel Polish application.)

Rules & Regulations

1. The Perfect Polish Manicure will take place on the 26th September and start at 10:00.

2. The Perfect Polish Gel Manicure Contestants will be given 1½ hours to complete a full classic manicure and gel polish application on both hands.

3. All prejudging criteria as for all the other categories will apply so please ensure you know what they are.

4. The models hands, cuticles and nails must be perfectly manicured and in a good condition.

5. All the steps in performing a classic manicure may be performed including exfoliation and hand massage with lotion, the order of and step by steps will be according to your specific manufacturers instructions and training.

6. Manicure and natural Nail Preparation must be done at the competition within the competition time.

7. Nails must be properly and neatly shaped, with the same shape and length consistent throughout.

8. Contestants must apply Gel Polish over a natural nail surface only.

9. Left hand must be completed with a French gel polish application.

10. Right hand must be completed with a Red Gel polish colour application.

11. All the general Rules for the competition will apply.

12. The nail stylist will be judged on the following criteria.

  • Neatness of hands and cuticles – Condition of skin, no excess dry skin, hangnails or loose skin tissue.
  • Neatness of nails – No snags or rough edges.
  • Shape and length of nails – Must be the same throughout.
  • Gel Polish Application – The application must be neatly applied and not touching the cuticles or skin.
  • Coverage – The coverage should be a full coverage with no transparent patches.
  • French polished hand – smile lines must be neat, crisp and consistent throughout.
  • Surface finish – The surface of the nail and gel polish application must be smooth and without defect.
  • The free edges of the nail must be sealed in and not thick.
  • Overall Coverage & Colour – The colour must be consistent from nail to nail.
  • Shine – The application must have a high gloss shine and finish.
  • Detailing & Finishing – The client’s nails must be clean, neat and free of dust and debris with no excess product under the free edges.

Tip Overlay Liquid & Powder and Gel Categories

Rules & Regulations

1. The Tip Overlay Liquid & Powder and Gel categories will take place on the 27th of September and start at 9:30.

2. Competitors will have 3 hours to complete a full set of Tip Overlay Enhancements with red polish application on one hand.

3. All preparation work must be done prior to the briefing; contestants may not touch their models again until the start of the competition.

4. Tips may not be pre-prepared or customized and must be present in a container with more than 50 tips.

5. French tips may NOT be used for the Tip Overlay category.

6. Tip blenders or electric files may NOT be used.

7. The length should not be longer or shorter than 50% of the models nail bed.

8. The shape of the nails must be suited to the models hands and must all be the same and continuous throughout.

9. Tips must be blended to the natural nail with no lines showing. Tip blenders NOT allowed.

10. A French look must be achieved on the left hand with pink and white Liquid & Powder or Gel product only, for Tip Overlay Competitions.

11. Shape and depth of smile line will not be a deciding factor but must be consistent, continuous and compliment the models hands.

12. NO UV white gel paint or polish may be used to achieve a smile line for any of the Tip Overlay categories excepting for the Gel Polish Manicure category.

13. NO UV Gel top coat may be used over the Liquid & powder category (acrylic)

14. The models right hand must be polished with the red nail enamel, which will be sponsored and provided. Base coat and topcoat may be used.

15. NO polish is allowed underneath the free edge of the nail.

16. Contestants must make sure the Right hand is polished or else the contestant will lose points.

17. The unpolished left hand must be completely free of all polish and any top coating materials.

18. The free edge and underneath of the nails must be free of product and debris.

19. NOTE: Oil will be allowed but must be removed prior to judging.

20. Once the final time has been called, technicians must put down all their tools, and models must stand up from their tables.

21. Contestants must pack away all their products and implements and store it under their tables before they leave the competition arena.

22. The highest scoring technician in each category will be awarded.

23. The judges will be looking for Nail Enhancements that are thin, well-constructed and balanced with a perfectly flawless finish and high-gloss shine.

24. Should there be any queries about final scores and results, they must be dealt with in a professional manner after the competition has taken place.

Contestants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Product control & clarity
  • Smile lines
  • Side walls or form fit
  • Length & Shape
  • Concave/convex – lower and upper arch
  • C-curve consistency
  • Stress area/Apex
  • Cuticle area
  • Surface smoothness
  • Detail and Finishing
  • Polish

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