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National Academy of Cinema and Television was started with the aim of introducing the Indian film technicians at National and International level, and introduced number of technicians, actors and Actress to the Film and Television Industry.


  National Academy of Cinema and Television is a dynamic institute with a passion for learning and sharing. We offer an intensive course program in professional world of cinema and television arts in an environment where creative energy flows, new ideas are developed and talent emerges


  In National Academy of Cinema and Television everyone is encouraged to participate, is cared for, and belief in and respect for one another are fundamental. Respectful relationships built between students and teachers are paramount to the success of our students. We value integrity, kindness and understanding. National Academy of Cinema and Television is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior


  National Academy Of Cinema and Television provided the training to the students from Karnataka, New Delhi, Jarkanda, Kolkata, WestBengal, Darjeeling, Manipura, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala etc. Apart from this the Students from East Africa country Burundi and Rwanda, England, Russia, China are also being admitted and provided the training in the film and Television Industry


  NATIONAL ACADEMY OF CINEMA AND TELEVISION is a part of Vishwakala Trust. It has been approved from the Government of Karnataka 2008. Under the Government of India policy of Trusts the institution has got approval for running a Cinema and Television Technical Education.  
  National Academy of Cinema and Television is established to provide an accelerated academic path to a career in professional world of cinema and television. Our unique course is designed to equip the motivated student with all of the tools that he or she will need to successfully launch a career in the very competitive media industry. Every film course or acting class at our institute stems from our philosophy of “EFFORTS NEVER FAIL - DO IT AND LEARN IT” Along with aesthetic and technical training, National Academy of Cinema and Television provides a foundation of knowledge to manage or participate in a successful cinema and television business. Our professional staff, with their mature and challenging approach to a media education, prepares the students to compete in this challenging profession. In addition to the production of an outstanding portfolio, students are taught interviewing skills.


  Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate, career changer or just someone wanting to enter the media field, you will find that the National Academy of Cinema and Television career course is one of your best choices .Join the next generation of filmmakers and actors at the most innovative and dynamic film and acting institute in the Karnataka


  NATIONAL ACADEMY OF CINEMA AND TELEVISION provides practical oriented training and at the end of the training, every student shall do a film project of about 30 minutes. Each film will be debated by the cinema Industry experts and technicians and accordingly the marks will be given to them. On Successful completion of the course students should do the practical work once the practical work is completed successfully the certificate will be issued to them


  NATIONAL ACADEMY OF CINEMA AND TELEVISION is a part of Vishwakala Trust, which is planning to explore Education sector such as School, College, Kindergarten, and Film & Television media. In this process Vishwakala Trust started film institute NACT, it is the first film institute in Karnataka to provide high tech education and conduct practical oriented training in Cinema & Television media.

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