N Packtech Expo

N Packtech Expo


About The Event

N Packtech will bring in the participation of the exhibitors coming from different parts of the world. There will various packaging products such as:


1. Packaging Machines for Food, Beverage and Dairy products.
2. Packaging Materials.
3. Packaging Printing Machines.
4. Label and Labeling System.
5. RFID, Inkjet, Laser Printers and Bar Coding Equipment.
6. Industrial Adhesive and Hot Melt System.
7. Finished Packaging Goods.
8. Packaging Services.
9. Brand Management.
10. Decorative Finishes and Labeling.
11. Eco packaging.
12. Materials and Containers.
13. Pack Design and Marketing.
14. Packaging Convertors.
15. Smart and Intelligent Packaging.
16. Anti counterfeiting.
17. Coding and Marking.
18. Contract Packers.
19. Tracking an Traceability.
20. Tools and equipment for assisting manual packaging.
21. Complete packaging lines.
22. Machines and equipment for Coating and Laminating.
23. Sheet Cutting Machines and Winders.
24. Flexographic Presses.
25. Machines and equipment for Printing of packaging materials.


Why Exhibit?

The participants will come across the following business advantages, like:


1. Get to connect with the worldwide buyers.
2. The exhibitors can learn better ways of trading from the experts present here.
3. The participants get to know about the competition in the market and come in contact with the rival companies.
4. The exhibitors can launch their newly manufactured packaging equipments and materials.


Exhibitor Services


The venue of the exhibition center provides the following business services to the attendees:

1. 24 Hours Business Center.
2. Laundry Services.
3. Excellent Hospitality Services.
4. Audio Visual and Telecommunication Equipments.

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