Myindexpo 2013 Industrial Exhibition & Vendor Meet

Myindexpo 2013 Industrial Exhibition & Vendor Meet


About The Event

                        Date     : 2nd , 3rd & 4th August 2013
Time     : 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Venue  : Hebbal Industrial Area, Shubodini Convention Hall, Mysore
VDP      : KSRTC, Southern Railways, Titan Industries,IIMM
 On the request of many Industries located in and around Mysore and some of the public sector undertakings,
 we have decided to conduct an Industrial Exhibition in the Mysore. We have proposed to invite
some of the big public sector undertakings such as M/s. AT & S, M/s. Automotive Axels Ltd.,M/s. Avasarala Tungston,M/s. Ballarpur Industries, M/s. Bharath Earth Movers Ltd.,M/s. Brakes India Ltd.,M/s. Brooke Bond India Ltd.,M/s. Carbo Ceramics,M/s. Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology,M/s. Eastern Jingying Ltd.,M/s. Flavours & Essences,M/s. Ganga Phosphorous,M/s. Infosys IT Park,M/s. Jubliant Organics,M/s. Kabani Paper Mills,M/s. Kareen Silks,M/s. Kirloskar Electric Company,M/s. L & T,M/s. Nestle Limited,M/s. OKS Lubricants Specialties Ltd.,,M/s. Pasari Spinning,M/s. Rane Mysore,M/s. Recket and Benkiser,M/s. RPG Telecom,M/s. San Transmission,M/s. SPI,M/s. Sudarshan Telecom,M/s. Superfine Aromatics,M/s. Therom Industries,M/s. Triton Vlaves,M/s. Venlon Polyester Film Ltd.,M/s. Vikrant Tyres Ltd., (J.K. Tyres),M/s. WIPRO Information Technology,M/s. WIPRO Lighting,M/s. Zenith Exports, Government departments , and other private and public limited company’s to participate in the event. Many Industries located in and around Mysore and some of the public sector undertakings have already evinced keen interest in Participating in the event

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