Book Online Tickets for MvM Goa Trekking - Tambdi Surla Waterfal, Kulem. Call Man Vs Miles : Info Center : 8888855972 , 8983409634 Emergency Contact :, 9922525485 , 9673335319 The Plan : 13th August 2016 , Saturday 1600 Hrs - Bus from Pune station to Goa14th August 2016 , Sunday0600 Hrs - Reach Go

MvM Goa Trekking - Tambdi Surla Waterfall


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About The Event

Call Man Vs Miles : 

Info Center : 8888855972 , 8983409634 
Emergency Contact :, 9922525485 , 9673335319 

The Plan : 

13th August 2016 , Saturday 
1600 Hrs - Bus from Pune station to Goa

14th August 2016 , Sunday

0600 Hrs - Reach Goa and Get fresh
0700 Hrs - Breakfast
0900 Hrs - Trek To Surla Waterfall
1600 Hrs - Back to Resort 
1900 Hrs - AFTER TREK PARTY - Goan Style 
2100 Hrs - Dinner

15th August 2016 , Monday

0900 Hrs Breakfast
1000 Hrs Elephant Safari and Elephant Shower
1200 Hrs Lunch
1300 Hrs Catch the Bus to Pune

16th August 2016 , Tuesday
0600 Hrs Back To Home - Pune
0900 Hrs Upload your pictures on facebook .

Cost : 5000

Includes - Pune to Goa to Pune Travelling by Bus

Sunday morning - Breakfast , Afternoon lunch , Evening Dinner 

Monday morning : Breakfast and lunch 

Elephant shower , Photos with Elephant

Stay in Cottage

Trekking permission from Goa tourism

Tambdi Surla Falls- This gorgeous waterfall is 120 minutes walking distance from the famous 13th century Tambdi Surla Temple (also known as Mahadev Temple).

Tambdi Surla Falls nestles in leafy forests and the path leading to the waterfall is as enchanting as the fall itself. The trail is straightforward but it does get progressively tougher as you will have to negotiate dense undergrowth and a fairly steep ascent. Also, since the trek can take 90 to 120 minutes, 

Once you trek through Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary to this magical spot where nature is at its best, you will feel that your trek has been worth all the effort. The magnificent falls, the fresh air and the misty spray of the water will restore your tired spirits and as you soak in the beauty of your surroundings, you are bound to be soothed and restored.

Trek to the falls

Your trek to Tambdi Surla Waterfall begins at the village of Tambdi Surla. This is where the 15th century Tambdi Surla Temple is. As you make your way through the evergreen and moist deciduous forests of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, you will be awed by nature’s majesty. The trail is well marked and fairly simple to follow; to add to the charm of the trek, you will encounter many swift streams gushing with clear mountain water as you traverse the scenic pathway.

The initial part of the trail is quite broad and the forest cover is not too dense. But as you go deeper into the jungle, the path narrows and the forest cover thickens. Beware of leeches; this trail is home to several so ensure that you are adequately protected.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a rich assortment of wildlife; however you are unlikely to come across leopards, gaur or deer unless you go into the heart of the sanctuary. You may stumble across reptiles and some smaller animals. You can get to see many birds flitting around and the twitter and cheeping of these avian friends will accompany you along your forest trail. The most enchanting of all are the butterflies; you will get to encounter many of these multihued winged beauties fluttering around as you make your way to the falls.

As you approach Tambdi Surla Waterfalls, you will see a silvery curtain of water cascading down from a height of almost 50 meters. The crystal clear water zigzags down, bouncing of rocks till it finally hurtles down vertically in a majestic manner. There is a little pond by the waterfall which is fed by the falls. The water is cold and refreshing; take a dip in these chilly waters – it’s like an instant pick-me-up! Then perch yourself on the surrounding rocks and enjoy the magical environment – the clean, fresh air, the thundering waterfall, the refreshing water and the beauty of the forest. You will return tired but happy with images of this gorgeous place making an indelible mark in your memory!

A trek to Tambdi Surla Waterfall is incomplete without a visit to the exquisite Tambdi Surla Temple. This ancient temple carved from black basalt is dedicated to Shiva. The temple nestles amidst verdant greenery with the backdrop of mountains giving it a surreal and magical feel.

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