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WHAT is this game:·         Fresh Biz is a board game that has been designed to develop Entrepreneurial mindset.
WHY play this game:·        

Multi Dimensional Entrepreneurial Thinking Workshop


About The Event

WHAT is this game:·         
Fresh Biz is a board game that has been designed to develop Entrepreneurial mindset.

WHY play this game:·         
This workshop is based on experiential learning - learning is best by doing

WHO should play game:Entrepreneurs, Employees, Students, Housewives... anybody who wants to lead life smartly by spending lesser time with better results


1. You will live your entire life in a short span of this game and You will know your limiting beliefs/ roadblocks and also know the required corrective actions.
2.You will learn about multi-dimensions in life which will open all the opportunities you are looking for.
3. You will get unique insights as you as an individual and your life are unique.
4. You will learn about the power of collaboration.
5. You will identify opportunities and leverage them.
6. You will learn to take Initiative and be daring. 
7. You will learn inventive methods of problem solving.
8. You will learn the  value and importance of mentors.
9. You will develop the right thinking patterns to solve you personal/professional issues.
10.You will be able to map out action cards in life and learn how to use them.
11. You will build a productive and lucrative relationship.

Venue: Bangalore - Hotel Regaalis 40/2, Lavelle Road Bangalore - 560001
Next to Rotary center / Rice bowl.Date- 18th May 
Timing: 10:30 AM to 04: 30 PM

Let us know if you are interested or anybody from your contacts would be benefited with this workshop.

You can also check following blog written by Srikanth Acharya who recently attended this workshop.

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