MSP430 Workshop Spoorthi

MSP430 Workshop Spoorthi


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About The Event

Introduction To MSP430 Micro Controller - TEXAS INTSRUMENTS ( TI ) :

The  two-day  complete  hands-on  workshop  covers  the architecture  of  Ultra  Low  Power  16  bit  RISC  Mixed Signal     Microcontroller     from     Texas     Instruments MSP430,Features  ,application,  data,  program  memory, instruction   set,   addressing   mode,      and   its   special features.  The   peripherals  include  I/O  Ports,  Timers, PWM,  A/D,D/A  Converters,  Universal  Serial  Interfaces and   Comparators,   temperature   sensor,   buzzer. The workshop will  cover  external  interface  device  to  the MSP430.   The   course   is   also   structured   to   provide interfacing  of  onboard  feature  with  msp430  kit  which will  gives  full  confident  to  the  student  and  faculty  to interface any kind of external device for their research and  project.  Some  of  the  interfacing  application  like serial  transmission  to  a  host  system,illustration  of  RF, zigbee  communication  protocol  would  be  discussed  in detail. The sessions will be handled by our experienced engineers.

Event Dates: 24th and 25th Feb, 2015

Event Coordinators :

Muqeed : 9989496209

Sreenath: 9032987604

Registration Fee:

Rs.500 per team.

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