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About The Event

In India, mobile phone communication has rapidly evolved from direct, real-time voice interaction to a non-voice communication such as Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service (MMS) and Instant Messaging (IM). However, many people especially people from villages and small towns, illiterates and differently abled are not able to use these methods and prefer to use their handsets only for direct, spoken communication.
A new feature, msg2voice, fills the gap between voice and indirect/non-voice communication by combining today’s newest indirect interaction with the advantages of speech.
msg2voice application has the ability to call a mobile phone or even a land line and plays the audio of your message even in Indian languages like Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada and even in Indian accented English.
Why and when would you use msg2voice?
  • You need to leave a message to someone who is very important, but it’s the middle of the night and you are travelling and when your phone does not work or don’t have calling cards, all you can do is to get on to the internet and type the message, we will take care of the rest by calling the intended phone number and play your message.
  • You don’t have time to have a conversation, but need to tell someone something immediately.
  • A 30 or 60 second voice message can convey more information than a 180 characters of text.
  • Deciphering a cryptic message (c u in d prty 2 ni8) is cumbersome as it is most commonly used in the text messages these days.
  • It’s absolutely FREE to pass your voice/text message to someone; all you have to do is just register your mobile number in msg2voice.
  • Supports to type the message in Indian languages and plays the audio in Indian languages using text-to-speech technology.
Here’s how Msg2voiceworks.
A first time user has to sign up in the msg2voice portal providing all the necessary credentials and after logging in, one can start sending the voice messages or even text messages for free. Text messages now have a voice attached. It’s called msg2voice. For more information on msg2voice, please visit: msg2voice

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