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Mothers on Pedal


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About The Event


Dear ladies register yourself for a cycling ride and DEDICATE IT TO YOUR MOTHER

Mother...She works 24 hours and plays various roles for us , from a cook to a counselor we all owe everything to her…MOP is one such event to salute the spirit, that mothers carry 24*7. It’s time for a dedication, its time to say I love You MA … and thank her for giving us life

We are pleased to announce MOP ( Mothers On Pedal) the exclusive cycling event to encourage Cycling in Mothers on the 13th of March , 2016, Sunday.

We believe mother is a person who dedicates all her life just to ensure we are growing good and safe, she works for us, she lives for us, she dies for us every day and every moment, but we never care about her.

We are taking the small initiative to keep all mothers healthy who never get time for themselves.

It is a surprise to see, that the one who is the key to a family has given up all pleasures and her individuality for the family.

By helping them connect their aspirations of healthy life to balancing their various roles. Through  reintroducing them all to what they have done in their childhood

Here we are  appealing all moms to cycle for traveling on daily or frequent basis for small distances, by cycling a person can be fit and healthy and fuel can be saved  and we can help our eco system which will lead our children to a healthy and smoke free atmosphere. She therefore becomes the right role model and inspiration for the her child and others around her.

So here it goes... The perfect time for a thanksgiving to the lady of your life... Husbands encourage your wife to step out... Children push your mom out to cycle on the day... With many of her kind and... finally... Mothers register for the first of its kind ... The only mothers cycling expedition.

Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions for Participations


  • I accept the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS for participating in
  • I have read and agree to abide by the Rally Rules and Regulations.
  • I agree to comply with the traffic and road laws and regulations of the rally.
  • I fully understand and agree that I am entering this event entirely at my own risk and accept without exception full and complete liability for all and any risks and will not hold responsible nor make claims against, any of the participants or organizer, its committee members, agents or servants for any loss, damage or injury however caused in relation to my participation in this event.
  • I understand that when I am riding a bicycle, I am required to wear a properly secured helmet at all times during the event.
  • I understand that I am required to comply with all the safety requirements set out in the Rally Rules.
  • I understand that fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance. Only in case organisers are forced to cancel the event will fees be refunded after deduction for operational expenses.
  •  I understand that the event committee has the authority to override, modify or create rules based on unfolding circumstances during the course of the event, and that the event Committee has the final word on any dispute.
  • You need to submit your original govt ID card at the time of taking the cycle and which will be returned to you after the event is finished



Rally Rules and Regulations:

  • The rally is only for Mothers
  • Entries beyond 300 will not be entertained
  • Wearing of Helmets is Mandatory. Helmet straps are to be secured firmly. If found riding without a helmet, rider will be disqualified.
  • The Bicycle must have working brakes.
  • Riders need to line up at the start line without any conflicts.
  • Participants are warned that the road is not closed to regular traffic. Rally with full awareness of other users on the road.
  • Riders who have finished their cycling must not block the finish line area.
  • Any behavior on the part of the participants that threatens to violate the rally’s reputation will be dealt with in accordance to the circumstance. Participants may be suspended or banned from all future participation depending on the circumstances.
  • The route is pre decided
  • Ladies to be comfortably dressed.
  • Any participant who has been suggested not to do cycling by their medical practitioners should not participate strictly.
  • This is an event to encourage Cycling in mothers; no one is expected to create discomfort due to route or the length of route
  • Any changes in anything connected with the event will be published on the 11th of March, participants to check FACEBOOK for updates
  • All participants are expected to see the event details online, regularly.
  • Any changes in event is completely in the hands of the organizer
  • Participants taking cycle from the organizer are to return in the same condition
  • Any loss or damage to the vehicle will have to borne by the participants
  • You need to submit your original govt ID card at the time of taking the cycle and which will be returned to you after the event is finished

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