Book Online Tickets for Most Powerful Real Estate Lead Generatio, Bangalore.  Learn everything to get outstanding results in Real Estate Lead Generation✓ At this workshop, you will be pro as we deliver some of the best real estate tips with a focus on marketing yourself, lead generation, building rock-solid systems, an

Most Powerful Real Estate Lead Generation Workshop


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About The Event

 Learn everything to get outstanding results in Real Estate Lead Generation

✓ At this workshop, you will be pro as we deliver some of the best real estate tips with a focus on marketing yourself, lead generation, building rock-solid systems, and digital marketing strategies to launch your real estate career to the next level.

✓ Our lead-generation formula is time-tested and works for developers & channel partners alike.

✓ We have worked with 6 top real estate developers of Bangalore and spent millions to get this sure shot formula of lead generation which you can learn & implement.

✓ Our decade long experience with digital & real-estate has helped sell units worth billions across India for.

So what will you learn?

• Google ads setup, the right way.
• GDN drip campaigns
• Re-marketing in drip & automation
• Facebook lead generation
• Train pixel for re-targeting
• 3 level Drip campaigns on FB
• Content templates ( emotional/ storytelling/ facts based...)
• Reporting & attribution models
• Use of GTM to track each behavior
• targeting keywords for Facebook
• Targeting details for GDN
• An e-book of 37 pages for quick reference
• Video Recorded Session of this Workshop
• A dedicated WhatsApp Group
• Post the workshop get a One-to-One call to Set-up your campaign.

You will never struggle to generate leads for real-estate after this training.

Here is the detailed schedule:

• 10:00 AM – Session Starts.
• 10:00 AM - Campaign nomenclature, structure and setup basics:
(i) Objective and campaign type
(ii) Keyword match types and AdGroups for real-estate ( how many to make)
(iii) Bid strategy (keep it open or closed)
(iv) Ad copies variations and templates
(v) Linking with Google Analytics
(vi) Set all required conversion tracking using GTM (leads tracking, phone call, scroll, video watch, pdf download, time spent, scroll %...)
(vii) Install 3rd party codes like Hotjar using GTM (details in LP section)
(viii) Automated rules for optimization ( bids, keyword pause etc )
(ix) Negative keyword list ( this alone will save you INR 5000/ month )
(x) Analytics custom reports setup codes to install reports in seconds( GOLD)

• 11:00 AM - Optimization tips & insights for search ads based on results. ( No matter how good the setup is for Google ads it's only 50% of the job done right. Rest 50% is optimizing).

GDN ( Google display network ) drip campaign setup
(i) awareness audience sets and message
(ii) consideration 1.0 - people who didn’t fill the lead form
(iii) Consideration 2.0 - people who filled the lead form
(iv) Conversion 1.0 - people who have visited the site
(v) how to target based on location proximity the right way
(vi) how to target people outside the location
(vii) NRI campaign setup

• 12:05 PM - THE MOST IMP - Landing page. A LP that converts more is more effective than a perfectly set ad campaign.

(i) Live audit of your landing pages
(ii) 7 must-have elements of LP and their position
(iii) Installing must have codes like conversion tracking, pixel, autoresponders, Thank you page content
(iv) LP examples that converted best for us

• 01:30 PM – 2:00 PM – Lunch with Experts.

• 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM - Google Ads (Real Estate) Live Campaign and case studies demonstrations

• 2:30 PM - List out your real-estate goals into advertising strategy
(i) Competitive Strategies
(Ii) Product Positioning- Features, & Pricing
(iii) Understanding Geo market trends and target audience Psychology
(iv) Define where they are at the buyer's journey process
o Awareness
o Interest
o Consideration
o Decision
o Advocacy
(v) Facebook Ads – Create and promote your Real Estate Projects
(vi) How to reach out to your target audience specifically for the Real Estate industry
(vii) Creating multiple Ad Angles to project your product on a wide level
(viii) Cross Channel Campaign Management
(ix) Measuring & analyzing the performance

• 3:30 PM – How to Generate Quality Leads using Social Media
(i) Lead Nurturing
(ii) Lead Scoring
(iii) Setting Up Drip campaign
(iii) Optimizing the sales funnel
(iv) Tips to engage prospective clients and quickly turn conversations into sales
(v) Optimizing the sales funnel
(vi) Up sales/Cross-sale

(vii) Case Studies – Best practices
(viii) Social Media ADs Live Campaign and case studies demonstrations

• 4:30 PM – Question-Answer and detailed discussion on your questions

For More details: +91 8095 4444 54 / 74064 44462

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