Mosaic Making Workshop

Mosaic Making Workshop


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About The Event

Venue: Maker’s Asylum, Hauz Rani, New Delhi

Price: INR 2000 per person

Contact: +91 7259956644 /

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There is an inexplicable happiness and satisfaction in making things on our own. Working with hands is soon becoming a lost art and the joy of creation is becoming elusive. 

The workshop on mosaic art is for those who want to engross themselves in pure joy of making stuff. There is so much you can do with the broken tiles and glass pieces that you will be amazed at your own creativity. Also there is a sense of accomplishment in upcycling waste/broken stuff and break away from the cycle of use-and-throw.

Class Goals

At the end of the class, participants would have knowledge of all materials, tools and techniques used in mosaic making. More so, they will know exactly where to look for what. They would be getting a hands-on experience of making mosaic and will be taking home their masterpieces!

Working in a collective-space also enhances ideas and that is what we are aiming at – to teach you and to learn from you!

Deliverables: Two 4*4 mosaic-ed coasters .

Materials: Plywood, Grout, Glass (cut), Colors

Prerequisite: A love for creativity and upcycling!

Instructors Profile:

 Bhoemian Snuffbumble is the chronicle of two bohos. What started as a non-conformist travel blog gradually evolved into a non-conformist lifestyle blog. We are Jeet and Akanksha, DIYers, travelers, writers, furniture makers, bakers - basically two bohemians in a search of sustainable lifestyle.

In a bid to make our own furniture, we discovered mosaic and upon encouragement from people on social media, we started conducting workshops. Before we knew it, we were five workshops old and instructed (and learnt from) over 130 creative souls.

Schedule: Approximately 4 hours

Introduction to Mosaic

We will take you through the principles and techniques of mosaic theoretically for the first 30 to 40 minutes, aided by a handout made just for you. We would love it if you ask all your crazy questions here. We love crazy!


Before you start the actual process you will be given some time to imagine your design and pan it out without glue on your plywood piece.

Mosaic – what else!

We have to start doing it as some point of time, right? And let those questions flow while we move from seat to seat like an overenthusiastic kid in a toy shop!
The process has stages and so, to avoid the delay of drying time, we have created prototypes for you. This is to enable you to experience all the stages of mosaic making without waiting for, say, 8 hours. Yeah! That’s how long it takes to dry sometimes!

Demonstration of glass cutting

We think it is awesome to make use of waste glass instead of buying readymade pieces for mosaicing. We will show you how to do it and you can try your hand at it too.

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