Montage - The Short Film Competition

Montage - The Short Film Competition


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About The Event

Indian Statistical Institute presents Integration 2017 - the annual techno-cultural and sports fest. Like every year, as a part of our cultural chapter, we are hosting Montage - The Short Film Competition. 


1. Each participant must submit ONE disc (CD/ DVD/ Blue-Ray) which won't be returned to the participant.

2. In the main directory of the submitted disc, there should be a folder called "Montage 2017". Any other file or folder in the main directory will be ignored.

3. In the "Montage 2017" folder of the main directory of the submitted disc, there should be two files naming - "entry.avi" and "info.txt" - the absence of either resulting in direct disqualification; a file called "" - if found - will be recognised as the subtitle; everything else in the folder will be ignored.

4. The file "info.txt" should clearly mention the participant's name. It can include any optional information about "entry.avi".

5. Only if the duration of "entry.avi" does not exceed fifteen minutes, it will be judged as a short fiction film with "" (if exists) as the subtitle file.

6. Judge's decision will be final in case of any dispute arises.

7. Anyone from outside Kolkata mail the "Montage 2017" folder with all the required contents ("entry.avi", "info.txt") mentioned above to

Registration Fee : ₹150. Registration at the time of submission.

Submission Deadline : 16th March. 2017
To submit your CD, contact: Pratyagra Samanta (+91 97487 67019)
Link to the Facebook event page - 

Shortlisted films will be shown on 26th March 2017 at ISI Kolkata.

Prize money: ₹5000 in cash.

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