Money Karma and Activation Healing Whatsapp Workshop

Money Karma and Activation Healing Whatsapp Workshop


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About The Event


Money karma is a karmic relationship with money energy which we have at the level of mind, emotion and soul.  This karma gets created at the time of our childhood grooming, or may be from the time when we were as a baby in mother’s womb or from past lives, or passed down from genetics or Ancestral Lineage.




Sometimes we have certain oaths or vows, pledges or contracts, curses etc. associated to money coming from different time, space, dimensions and reality to have difficult times for money.




All the causes are within.  Our subconscious mind holds all the reasons for Money Issues. These reasons sometimes are so deep rooted that consciously becomes impossible to be aware of or work upon.




We need to explore subconsciously and get them resolved so that we get free from those money karmas and have a healthy relationship with money and grow financially.




Though an intense personalised healings are required, still on demand taking this opportunity to do healings as much as possible through WhatsApp Workshop, so that everybody can be benefited, and get the Money Karmas healed and have alignment and activation with money energy.




This workshop will be conducted in a closed Whatsapp Group by Rinki Srivastav (M.D.) Alternative Medicine. 




This is designed for 5 Days healings through WhatsApp on:




* Money Karma Healings (present and past lives)


* Genetic money karma


* Ancestral money karma


* Money Activation and divine blessings


* Harmony and Alignment with money frequency etc..




Those who join will get one day Complimentary Ancestral healing.
Energy Exchange: Rs. 800

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