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Money Feast - Spiritual Science of Manifesting Wealth


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Money Feast - Spiritual Science of Manifesting Wealth 

Workshop Details.                          Click here to read in Hindi =>

Ahmedabad 23rd & 24th Dec 2017

MoneyFeast is a two days well-structured workshop, blended with modern age science and the sacred ancient knowledge designed to manifest wealth in one’s life. This is a limited participant workshop where the creator of this workshop Master TD gives personal attention to each and every participant.

In the initial phase of the workshop you would be made aware of your Money Idol. We humans either rich or poor, weak or strong, littered or ill-littered, inhabit seven Money Idols. Each money idol demonstrate the way you react and reciprocate to money. It is we who have created these idols within us, right from our early child hood and as the timerolled these idols grew stronger or weaker on an individual level. The interesting fact is that every day and with every moment we update and upgrading these idols. What is required for a prosperous, Healthy-Wealthy life is a balance between the characteristics of all the seven idols and this is what you would learn in the workshop.

Master TD teaches different techniques & exercise helping the participant understand the real meaning, importance and value of money & wealth. You may be a good earner or may be not but ever did you look at money from an energy point of view. Did you ever realise that Money is infact ‘Energy’? Probably you must have never thought so. It is necessary to understand that when you change your view towards Money it actually starts flowing in your life like Energy. Coz in nature stagnant energies rot! In the workshop you would come across a lot of things which you never knew or would have never heard, about you yourself, Money and Wealth. And at the same time you just don’t have to listen. In-fact you would learn, understand and do a lot of practice in the workshop.

In this workshop Master TD would be working individually on your Body-Mind-Spirit. You would be amazed to know that each one of us holds two Subconscious! One as per the program for this life i.e. Current Life and the other of all of our Past-Lives (It is Lives not just a Life).

You must be knowing that throughthe medium of Mind-Training, Neuro-Programing, Affirmations or Past-Life Regression a lot of things can be done with the Current-Life Subconscious but how can one erase the negative patterns and the blueprint one has created in his/her Past-Lives. To clear these negative patterns, primitive and ancient sacred methodology has to be utilised. This is a very exhaustive work and it is in this Money Feast Workshop that you would go through this process. Cleansing the past is the main objective of the workshop.

If Stock Markets interests you than you must be knowing that the instincts of when to enter and when to take an exit would decide, whether you earn or lose your money on stocks. Any 

why just Stocks, even with real trade, business or at job it is your instincts that makes you an achiever. All of us are gifted with this instincts but unfortunately our instincts are in a dormant state. Sometimes our instincts does gives us signals of what to do and what not to but we fail to understand or rather overlook it and end up in a mess. Developing the instincts is one more power process you would learn in this workshop. Although this is not a day’s job you would be able to start reading the signals and develop over a period of few months. But till then you can take the help of the Oracle Board. Master TD in this workshop would teach and explain the use of this wonderful techniques, which our ancestors used and which was called as the God Communicator. The Oracle Board can help you in taking important financial decisions, whether it is about investing, purchasing or anything else. You would learn and come across many of such ancient sacred practices in this workshop, helping you conceive money and generate wealth.

In Short this workshop would help you learn “The Never Known nor Taught Techniques” helping you accomplish your financial goals and change the face of destiny.  

One more thing you should know and that is, When you participate in this workshop, you actually walk in ‘The Soul House’ Family. That means you can any time get in touch with the counselors at ‘The Soul House’. We understand and know that any type of questions and confusions you may come up after the workshop needs to be resolved in time and hence the counselors are always there for your support. The Soul House extends it’s support to such a level that you can even talk to Master TD.

You must have tried many things. Must have done a lot of chants, religious rituals, mind training, neuro-programing, past-life regressions, even tried ‘Laws of Attraction’ and what not! But we are sure to say that you must have never attended a workshop like this before nor must have gathered such sacred knowledge like this before, where you would not just Manifest Money but Wealth in your Life. That too Fearlessly and Instantly.

Such type of workshop are scheduled once or twice in a year by ‘The Soul House’, so don’t let this opportunity slip away. Give a call and Book your Seat right now coz tomorrow never comes.

It is not merry coincident that you are reading this blog.Understand the hidden signs of Thy Divine. If you wish to attend this workshop, you yourself would find a pathway to do so.

"Fortune is at your door, Where are you???”

For Registration & Inquire call  Milap Rawal on 9825300926 or 7405407000/ 6000.

Highlights of the Workshop.

• Know your Money Idol and learn the ways to form an ideal idol that can attract Money for Happiness.

• Understanding the Sacred Money Chemistry – Spiritual Solutions for Wealth Creation.

• Spiritual view of the Stock Market, Real Trade and Earning Avenues.

• Healing the blockages for Money and Wealth by aligning your Chakras and Energy Body .

• Understanding how Money affects Relationships, Health & Spiritual Growth. Learn to Heal them.

• Built a strong new relationship with Money conceiving your dreams into reality.

• Understanding the Money Matrix and use it to generate the desired Wealth.

• Learn how to use the Oracle Board to take the Right Decision at the Right Time – Ideally for Stock Market Investments, New Money Ventures etc.

• Learn to use the ancient Occult Science to generate Wealth in abundance.

• Learn and practice the practical solutions to build wealth and transform your finances.

• Learning to live a Healthy – Wealthy, Happy – Happening Life full of Love, Peace & Harmony forever.

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