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About The Event

Mommathon is an initiative to celebrate the love of a mother. A mother love outlives any relationship. So Let’s run to honor motherhood because it’s a mother who is the spark for the well-being and growth of the entire family vice versa the entire nation. Women have displayed their brilliance in different spheres of life, from ancient times to the present. Today her divinity, her identity, her Dharma and her growth in society for all the pains as well as joys she bears for us while she faces so much of danger in the prevailing society .RUN with your MOM . Show her you love her and responsible for her safety. If she is unable to run with you. RUN for her. Dedicate your effort to saluting her presence in your life. With celebration, pledge to RESPECT all women. She has issues to be addressed, she has responsibilities to take and she, for one, has to take forth the Dharma. To do so in present times, it is very essential to provide her with a platform, where she can identify, introduce, address and solve larger issues. Using this platform to convey a simple yet strong message. “Being safe overtakes all other celebration that any woman wants” By taking part in Mommathon you are being a seed of change to end violence towards woman. And also you are contributing to teach self-defense in Government schools and orphanages and to empower few of them with employment as an instructor.