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The Motivation Secret

Everyone needs to be motivated. This is especially true for leaders. Learn The Motivation Secret and discover how you can increase your motivation. Use The Motivation Secret to motivate others on your team and in your world. Improve your personal productivity, sense of well-being and ability to serve others well.  Engage your clients and customers in a new way to set yourself apart from the competition. Unleash the potential in your business, government department, institution or community group with team members who are motivated. Get going and enjoy the trip.

Positive Influence - How to Lead Your World

How can you make a difference in your world - no matter who you are and no matter what you do? In this comprehensive presentation, a wide range of topics are covered to make you someone who is influential. Unlike people who control others, people who influence can have a much more profound and long-lasting impact on the lives and futures of others. Learn what it takes to prepare yourself to be a center of influence. Then learn methods to change the course of your history by being a positive force in the lives around you. Increase your effectiveness as a leader or team member, increase your sales, set a new standard in customer service, redefine your relationships, find a new level of personal insight and peace that will free you to be your best self. This powerful presentation is a whole person approach to business and life to become a center of influence where ever you are. Like a pebble tossed into the water - your influence will be felt in the lives of those around you and for generations to come.


You're Not Just OK - You're Great!

Self-Acceptance. In a world that wants you to be just like someone else - how do you value who you are? Exploring our unique selves as the basis of self-acceptance. Understanding how self-acceptance is the key to your self-confidence and finding the power to make a difference in your world.


Personal Mythology

Understanding, Owning & Celebrating Your Story

The people who have been most successful and most satisfied in life have one thing in common. They live out their personal myth. Learn how understand, own and celebrate your personal mythology as a way to maximize your potential as a person in any area of life. Discover the power that comes from seeing your self inside your life story as you experience the chapters of your life. See how a positive personal mythology enables you to handle success and failures in a constructive way. Grow through seeing how your story relates to the needs of those around you. You'll never see yourself in the same way after this seminar.


Turning Pain Into Gain

Learn how to take the challenges, disappointments and failures in life into reasons to succeed. Discover The 15 Ways Pain Leads To Gain if you mine the good from the rocks in your tough experiences.


Making Your Days Count

Most of us will have somewhere between 25,500 to 32,850 days if we live to be 70 to 90 years old. How do you make each day count? What do you need to know so you can live your best life? Learn The 10 Ideas To Shape Your Tomorrow - no matter what day it is or how old you are.


Building Sparkle Into Your Life!

So many people do not just grey on the outside --- they grey on the inside. Many people are old before their time. Practical ways to put the sparkle back into your life. Improve your productivity and effectiveness through new insights into what makes us attractive to others.


Face Your Fears

There are many fears that keep people from reaching their potential. Understanding how fear works and how to face your fear constructively will make you a stronger person and a better employee. Learn The 15 Fears To Face in this seminar.


Enjoying The Trip

Are we there yet? It is not only children who ask that question. How to live in the moment and maximize your energy for living today. Making sense out of your past and anticipating a positive future. How to enjoy your life's story.



What gives one person the Oomph to take on challenges and get things done while others just sit and watch? How can you find your Oomph again in a world of gray souls. Become a story you'd be proud to tell when your old.

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