Miss Summer Tulip India 2013 Grand Finale @ Goa

Miss Summer Tulip India 2013 Grand Finale @ Goa


About The Event


“Miss Summer Tulip India 2013” A Indian Beauty pageant is a Grand beauty contest concepted by Kairos Event and managed by Kalpataru Entertainment. Young girls across the country will be competing for the precious crown of “Miss Summer Tulip India 2013”. Also the start up fashion designers will compete for the "Designer of the Year" award

The event will showcase the style which is in prevailing fashion. Miss Summer Tulip India 2013 is a national platform for Girls, providing them an opportunity to play a role of Safe Women Safe India Ambassador. Other finalists can also participate in Safe Women Safe India with the real commitment to work for this campaign.

For aspiring fashion designers, getting their designs noticed is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in this extremely competitive industry. Like all artistic trades, it takes years of experience and training to develop fashion designing and manufacturing skills used in the market. Luckily, there are several opportunities for designers of all ages and background to showcase the most innovative and imaginative designs.


1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
• Miss Beautiful Skin
• Miss Perfect Figure
• Miss Most Talented
• Miss Best Catwalk
• Miss Congeniality
• Miss Glamorous

Entry by Invitations Only.

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