Mindboggler - Bootstrap Your Imagination

Mindboggler - Bootstrap Your Imagination


About The Event


MindBoggler is the flagship I.Q.symposium scheduled to be held in the ENCOMIUM 2012.

This time, we have put together a concoction of events that bridges the gap between LEARNING and FUN.

Need we say more? Don’t miss out on all the fun this JAN!! Put on your thinking caps and don’t forget to “Bootstrap Your Imagination!”

General Rules:-

The competition would consists of two parts:

1. Elimination Round (Prelims)

2. Mains.

Elimination Round:

* The number of participants per team must not exceed two.

* Each team would be given a question paper consisting of 30 objective type questions.

* A time of 30 minutes would be given to attempt the set of questions.

* Marking scheme: +2 for a correct option and -1 for each wrong answer.

* The top 10 scoring teams would qualify for the Mains.


The mains would comprise of 5 rounds.The highest scoring team in the end, will be declared the winner.There would be no elimination in the intermediate rounds.

Round 1 (Standard Pass Round)

Questions based on: Anagrams,Vocabulary etc.

Marking Scheme:+10/-5

Round 2 (Visual Round)

Questions based on:Pattern Recognition,picture absurdities,problems to test graphic design IQ etc.

Marking Scheme:+10/-5

Round 3 (Buzzer Round)

Question type :Maths puzzles ,brain teasers,riddles.

Marking Scheme:+10/-5

Round 4 (Memory Test)

Marking Scheme:+20 to the winning team.

 Round 5 (Practical Puzzle)

Marking Scheme :+30 to the winning team.

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