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This workshop is designed to help you create a BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS in your Personal and Professional Life. We will teach you timeless SUCCESS Principles and Mind Power Tools and Techni

Mind Power Unlimited Workshop @ Mumbai


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About The Event



This workshop is designed to help you create a BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS in your Personal and Professional Life. We will teach you timeless SUCCESS Principles and Mind Power Tools and Techniques which will ensure you get from WHEREVER YOU ARE NOW to WHEREVER YOU WANT TO BE, faster than ever before.


You can actually create your own future. As the saying goes, "The best way to predict future is to create it". 




  • What makes Successful people successful?
  • Detailed explanation of how the Mind Works, Types of Minds, Differences and various Powers of the Mind
  • Success Principles
  • Identifying Your Life Purpose and Living On Purpose
  • Designing your Life in alignment with Your Core Purpose
  • How to Set Balanced and SMART Goals in all areas of your life 
  • Alpha State Mind Programming
  • Goal Achievement through the Powers of your Subconscious Mind
  • Power of Thoughts and how they create our Destiny
  • Power of Beliefs and how to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Law of Attraction
  • Confidence Building techniques (NLP Technique)
  • Mind Programming Techniques such as Relaxation, Visualization & Auto-Suggestions / Affirmations, Mind Movies, Vision Board
  • Negativity Removal (Emotional Release Therapy) and creating a Psychic Shield for protection from negative influences
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques for re-wiring your brain and for removing emotional blockages and negative patterns that stop us from achieving our Goals
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques for removing Physical Pain
  • Sound Decision Making through Inner Guidance
  • Living a Healthy, Stress Free life without any medicines
  • Healing yourself and others
  • Wealth Creation
  • Weight Management (Reduce / Increase Weight)
  • Attracting the right people into your life (Life Partner, Employer, Business Partner, Employees & Clients)
  • Finding the Ideal Job
  • How to program your child to become a super child 
  • Sleep Management, Mental Alarm, Power Nap
  • Pain Control 
  • Scoring Well in examinations, Performing well in Interviews
  • Negotiations, Ability to convince others
  • Excel in Sports
  • Attract Healthy and Happy relationships at Home and Work
  • Problem Solving and develop Sound decision making abilities
  • Enhancing Creativity, Innovation
  • Phobia Removal
  • Enhance your Emotional and Spiritual Quotient
  • Get rid of any harmful habits/addictions (Smoking, Alcohol, etc)

In short, you will learn everything that is required to take your Professional and Personal Life to the next level. 


We will also make every participant experience practical breakthrough exercises like: Glass Walking, Fire Eating, Hand Magnetism, Body Stiffening, Lifting a person with two fingers, Needle Piercing, Pendulum Dowsing and many more. These exercise will shatter your limiting beliefs and make you UNSTOPPABLE.


Who should attend the Workshop? 


As this workshop is a "Life and Mind Skills" program, the principles and techniques taught are suitable for anyone above 13 years (Standard 8).

Business People, Sales People, Housewives, Professionals, Students, Senior Citizens can all immensely benefit from this Workshop. 


Who will conduct this Workshop? 


The Workshop will be completely conducted by Sunil Parekh.


Sunil Parekh is an International Success Coach and Human Potential Expert having studied and applied the Mind Programming techniques in his own life for the past 14 years. Sunil was able to successfully RISE from a debt situation to the Chief Operating Officer of a 800 employee company and multiplied his income multi-fold using these techniques. 


His Personal Mission and Life Purpose is the INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER people to LIVE THE LIFE THEY WANT. He has a personal Breakthrough Goal of touching One Billion lives through his Seminars, Workshops, Books and CDs, Internet, TV & Radio shows and other print and electronic media by the year 2032. . 


Sunil Parekh has a B Tech Degree from IIT (India) and a MS Degree from Virginia Tech (USA). Sunil is currently the Chairman and CEO of RISE Development Academy.


What does the Investment Include?


  • Participant Kit (Learning Journal, CD with guided relaxation and other exercises, and other Mind tools for practice at home)
  • Meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea both days)
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Life Time Tuition waiver for repeating the Workshop anywhere in the World by just paying the Venue charges. Please note our workshop is constantly upgraded with new tools and techniques for enhanced living. 
  • Lifetime membership to RISE Connect (support system and alumni fraternity)
  • Free online support to help you plan and achieve your goal


Timing – 8 am –  8 pm


Venue – Hotel Suba International, Chakala Sahar Road, Opp
               Cigarette Factory, Andheri(E) 


To register your seat, please call our Registration Team on 9619393722 or send us an email on


If you wish to take your Life to the next level, take ACTION right now!! 


To your Success,


Your Success Coach, 



Sunil Parekh 

International Success Coach and 

Human Potential Trainer 


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twitter: @sunilmindpower


Office Nos: +91-9619393722 


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