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About The Event

What is a Mind Map ?

A Mind Map is a revolutionary thinking tool that can enhance people's skills drastically in the many areas like
- Sales
- Marketing
- HR Management
- Compliance
- Negotiations
- Training
- Recruitment
- Project Management
- Strategic Thinking
- Risk Control and other Business ProcessesA short

Video on Mind Maps


Who invented it ?

· Tony Buzan is the Inventor of Mind Mapping and a Leading Authority on Creativity, Memory and Thinking
· He is a Bestselling Author of over 125 books, with Sales totalling 3 Million and counting
· He was named one of the world’s top 5 speakers in the world by Forbes magazine.
· Officially has the highest Creative IQ in the world
· Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Content ( Subject to change without notice )

Module 1

An experiential session to get people to experience the power of Mind Maps themselves

- Discover how Mind Maps could enhance your creativity between 50 - 500 % IMMEDIATELY
- Why creativity is like oxygen
-The science of creativity
- Dangers of low creativity
- Myths of creativity
- State of creativity on the planet based on intense research
- The future of business and how challenges could be met
- Discover how Mind Maps demonstrate that we are all unique and how to tap that uniqueness
- 2 biggest challenges facing the human brain today identified by neuroscientists

Module 2

The Science behind Mind Mapping

- What is Whole Brain Thinking ?
- Myths of Whole Brain Thinking
- Gestalt and its enormously powerful applications
- Experiential Exercise to prove Imagination is extremely critical to memory
- Daydreaming . Good or bad ?
- Video defining Mind Maps from Tony Buzan - the inventor himself!
- Video on The Most Important Graph In The World
- Extraordinary learnings about the brain and memory
- How to apply the lessons from the Most Important Graph In The World

Module 3

Mind Maps for Brain Storming
- Why most Brain Storming is actually brain " drizzling "
- Group Brain Storming or Solo Brain Storming
- 3 critical rules for Brain Storming with Mind Maps
- Experiential brain storming session for tackling burning issues

Module 4

-Laws of Mind Mapping
- Understanding ALL the laws of Mind Mapping
- The reasoning behind all the laws of mind mapping

Module 5

- Destroying the phobia of drawing . 95 % of the world's population has it !

- Module 6

- Practising making a Mind Map with all the laws of Mind Mapping
- Structured feedback session for the Mind Maps drawn

Module 7

- Various uses of Mind Maps for Business
- Education
- and Self Development

Module 8

Assignment for certification, Q & A session, Conclusion

Programme Facilitator – Dharmendra Rai

- Mumbai's First Mind Map Trainer

- Proclaimed a " Genius " by Tony Buzan - Mind Map Inventor & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee !

Testimonial Video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Cm80pvpOZ4

- Endorsed by Jack Canfield - " The Secret " Teacher & The Co Creator of The Chicken Soup For The Soul Series ( Sold Over 5 0 0 Million Copies ! ) !

Video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYH1KaxQ4uM

- Ranked First in a International Creativity Test conducted by ThinkBuzan in Dubai.

Video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2IQxU1xLDU

- Conducted over 1 6 0 Mind Map Seminars

- Mind Map seminars done for Executives of Many Fortune 500 and Alumni of the World's Best Colleges - The IITs, IIMs, Harvard Business School and LSE ( London School of Economics )

- Has over 5 0 0 Testimonials on his website


- Probably the Most Endorsed Trainer In The World On Linkedin .Has over 4 8 0 0 Endorsements on Linkedin


- Has over 2 0 0 Video Testimonials and over 2 1 0 0 0 Views on his YouTube Channel


- "Dharmendra Rai' gives rise to over 6 Million Reference Pages on Google

- Award Winner and Speaker at The World HRD Congress 2012

- One of the Most Connected People on the Planet with over 2 1 0 0 0 direct connections on LinkedIn and 5 0 0 0 connections on Facebook.

- Member of Mensa International ( A High IQ Society )

- Appeared in prominent media like CNBC, Times Of India, Zee Business and Channel V

- Has been a TED x Speaker. It was an honour for him to speak at a platform that has had speakers like Tony Buzan, Anthony Robbins and Bill Gates

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