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Based on books
Ò Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Ò The Secrets Of Millionaire by T. Harv. Eker
Ò The Millionaire next door by Thomas Stanley

Millionaire Mindset Workshop


  • Millionaire Mindset Workshop

    In the Miraculous Workshop Millionaire Mindset On 29th November 2015, Sunday Full day from 9.00... am to 7 pm at Blitz conference hall, Karl Residency hotel, 36, Lallubhai Park Road, Andheri (West). 5 mins walk from Andheri station West, Mumbai 400058, Tel no 02242362121.

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About The Event

How To Be A Multi Millionaire a special workshop by Priya Chavan


Based on books

Ò Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Ò The Secrets Of Millionaire by T. Harv. Eker

Ò The Millionaire next door by Thomas Stanley

Ò The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

Ò Chanakya's Kautilyashastra

Ò The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Ò The Magic of Thinking Big


Based on the real lives of Millionaires like

Ò Bill Gates – Microsoft owner, the world's richest man

Ò Warren Buffet – Investor, World's richest man

Ò Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook Founder and the youngest billionaire on earth

Ò Steve Jobs – Apple founder

Ò Donald Trump – Real Estate

Ò Dhirubhai Ambani – Reliance founder

Ò Sachin Tendulkar

Ò Narayan Murhy – Infosys founder

Ò And many more


Millionaire MIndset program

Ò Have you ever wondered why some people are very rich or millionaires,some middle class and some poor, although all of us have only 24 hours/day.

Ò Have you seen many educated, talented people leading a mediocre life, whereas many simpler, less educated people leading a “Millionaire lifestyle".

Ò Why is the world's 80% wealth lying with only 20% of people.


Myths of being a Millionaire

Ò I am less fortunate, rich people are lucky.

Ò I am not born in a rich family, whereas millionaires are born with a golden spoon.

Ò I want to be rich, but don't have any financial support.

Ò My age is a barrier.

Ò I have too many responsibilities, I cannot afford to take risks. I need a stable income every month through job.

Ò Ladies say, we are married, we have too many responsibilities, family, husband, kids – in short we don't have time to do both i.e. be rich and also take care of family.

Ò I hate millionaires. They have earned money through unethical means I don't want to be one among them.

Ò I am a victim.

Ò If I become rich, I will forget my family and be only into the work.

Ò Being a millionaire is a tough job. I am happy the way I am.

Ò And so on and so forth

These are only Myths


Research shows that

Ò 95% of Millionaires are self made.

Ò Most of them are 1stgeneration entrepreneurs and born to middle class parents.

Ò Many have made it big even after age of 60 years for e.g. the founder of Kentucky chicken was 65 years when he started the business and became a millionaire.

Ò There are many lady millionaires in contrast to the thought that only males can be successful as millionaires.

Ò Most of the Millionaires have the best of both worlds.

Ò They are happy and rich.

Ò They balance their work, and family very well.

Ò They are nice and not snobs.

Ò They are into charity as against the belief that millionaires are selfish.

Ò They are excellent in money management.

Ò They are frugal and not spendthrift.


What has set these millionaires apart from the rest of the crowd.

Ò A unique Mindset

Ò Unique characteristics, distinctive traits, behavior, pattern

Ò Excellent in Money Management

Ò Action driven

Ò Passive Income

Ò Entrepreneurship

Ò Excellent in Marketing & Sales

Ò Philanthropic attitude

Ò Good leadership

And much more ……..

Learn all this from Priya Chavan in the Innovative, Dynamic Seminar

“Millionaire Mindset" workshop by Priya Chavan

Ò Come learn with me the Secrets of Millionaires

Ò Imbibe inside you their traits and be a Millionaire yourself.

Ò Be ambitious, dream big to be a multimillionaire

Ò Achieve success financially.

Ò Achieve financial freedom

Ò This will be an eye opener for you

Ò You will learn the skill to multiply and make money work for you.

Ò You will get out of your conventional thinking and mediocrity

Ò You will learn to dream big and also learn how to be big

Ò You will come out of your misconceptions and myths regarding money and millionaires

Ò You will achieve your Dreams through the Law Of Attraction.

& Much More……………

In the Miraculous Workshop “ Millionaire Mindset “

On 29th November 2015, Sunday 

Full day from 9.00 am to 7 pm 

at Blitz conference hall, Karl Residency hotel, 36, Lallubhai Park Road, Andheri (West). 5 mins walk from Andheri station West, Mumbai 400058, Tel no 02242362121.


This is a One Day Comprehensive Workshop, which, involves lots of real life projects, discussions, interactions, games, case study discussions.

Summary of the Seminar

Ò We will teach the techniques of being a millionaire in simple language.

Ò Plus, we will detoxify and empty your mind of all negative thoughts about money, wealth and millionaires.

Ò Ò Then we will put the seeds of positive thoughts and actions regarding wealth, dreams and millionaires through our hypnosis methods.

Ò We will boost your confidence, make you come out of your fears, anxiety and mentally and physically charge and prepare you to go out into the world to win all your battles and come out to be victorious and be a millionaire.

Ò That's not all we will ensure that you follow our methods, even after the seminar by being in touch with you later.



Time Topics

8.30 am to 9 am Breakfast

9 am to 11 am Ò Who is a Millionaire?

Ò What are the general myths & misconceptions of being a Millionaire?

Ò What stops you from being a Millionaire?

Ò What are your challenges of being a Millionaire?

11 am to 11.15 am Tea break

11.15 am to 1.30 pm Ò What are the traits/characteristics of being a Millionaire?

Ò Money management

Ò Entreprebeurship

Ò Savings

Ò Passive income

Ò Time management

Ò Organizing and Planning

Ò Balancing health, work, finances, family

Ò Problem handling

Ò Thinking big

Ò Taking calculated risks

Ò Being healthy

Ò Philanthropy

Ò Innovative

Ò Result oriented

Ò Focus

Ò Passive income

Ò Delegation

Ò Marketing and Sales

Ò Case study discussions of Millionaires, their success story & their challenges.

Ò Deleting all the negative files from your mind regarding Millionaires

1.30 pm to 2.15 pm Lunch

2.15 pm to 4.30 pm Ò Changing your mindset to an Abundant mentality mindset.

Ò Putting thoughts and seeds of abundance, wealth, prosperity, and millionaire mindset through hypnosis & other techniques.

4.30 pm to 4.45 pm Tea

4.45 pm to 6.30 pm Ò Money Management system.

Ò How to manage your financial health?

Ò How to make money work for you rather than

You work for money through passive income?

Ò How will you be financially free?

Ò How to multiply your money and business 100 times?

Ò Where do you invest to make more money?

Ò Financial thermostat.

6.30 pm to 7 pm Questions and Answers


Profile of the speaker - Priya Chavan

Ò A globally recognized millionaire from Mumbai, India

Ò A successful Wellness Entrepreneur – Founder of “ Priya's Wellness “

Ò A Motivational Speaker

Ò A Fitness Expert

Ò A Fantastic Dancer

Ò A Corporate Honcho

Ò An author



Ò A Bachelor in Pharmacy with a Gold medalist in MBA.

Ò Climbed the corporate ladder and was the Marketing Manager of MNCs.

Ò Handled all kinds of pharmaceutical products like antibiotics, Oncology, Nutraceuticals, Pain management, Critical Care in MNcs like Novaertis, Wockhardt, Elder Pharmaceuticals

Ò Yoga expert specializing in Power Yoga, Hath Yoga and Classical Yoga.

Ò A meditation expert.

Ò A fitness expert

Ò A fabulous Nutritionist

Ò A Fantabulous dancer, a Nritya Visharad in

Ò Kathak Classical dance, A Kathak Classical dancer- A B.A i.e. Nritya Visharad from Gandharva Mahavidyalay. Done lot of Kathak performances.

Ò A Bollywood dancer, a Western, Zumba dancer, a Folk dancer.

Ò A Martial Arts Expert


Ò A global, internationally recognized author written “Health is Wealth “marketed worldwide

Ò Pioneer of the most subscribed channel on YouTube “ Priya's Wellness “ with more than a lakhs of followers and gaining more and more popularity.

Ò Has trained, counseled, developed more than lakhs of people worldwide in areas of fitness, wellness, weight loss, health, anti aging, nutrition, dance, Kathak Classical Dance, Mental and Physical health, spirituality, marketing and selling skills, millionaire mindset, Entrepreneurship through her venture “ Priya's Wellness"

Ò Very ambitious

Ò She is starting her chain of Wellness Centers across the globe.

Ò A Dynamic, Multi Talented, Multi Faceted, All rounder, Ambitious Professional from Mumbai.

Ò A intellectual who is highly accomplished

Ò A Power House of Energy.


Recognitions and Awards

Ò She has been acknowledged and recognized as a Multifaceted achiever for by India's leading financial magazine “Corporate India".

Ò Her inspirational story of achievement and entrepreneurship has been covered in a global portal of lady achievers “'.

Ò She has also been recognized as a multifaceted achiever in a globally renowned e-magazine by the name “InspirationalUnlimited" which is no 1 inspirational magazine on the web. It is followed by readers in 115 countries and authors contributing from more than 50 countries. The magazine has felicitated her for her wonderful contribution to improving health of lakhs of people worldwide through her venture “Priya's Wellness “



Ò Register now.

Ò Limited seats available

Ò Date: 29th November 2015, Sunday from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm

Ò Charges: Rs 6000/person (Includes Morning breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Tea & Coffee)

Special Diwali Offer – 30 % Discount if register by 15th November


Ò After deposition of fees, please call or SMS to 9220534451 with your name and email address, so that we can send your ticket by email to confirm your seat. Please bring it along with you at the seminar.

Ò We have limited seats, so hurry up and block your seat. Registration on a first come first basis.

Ò Your seat will be confirmed blocked only after receipt of payment.

Ò Call - Devesh Shah - 9220534451

Ò E Mail -


A request by the speaker – Priya Chavan 

Ò I want to impact and improve the lives of billions of people worldwide. I want them to achieve their dreams and goals by being a millionaire. I am very passionate about it. Please join me in this noble cause by partnering and tying up with me by bringing all your friends, relatives and all the people you know to the seminar. Let all of them benefit from this seminar.

Ò Please circulate this message in all the whatsapp group you are associated with, Facebook, twitter, linked in, Instagram, friends, social networking, etc. and the database wherever you are a part of so that millions of needy people are able to achieve their dreams, get rid of mediocrity, poverty and live a life of their choice and happiness.

Ò My vision is to make millions and billions of millionaires on earth. Then only my dream will be fulfilled.


Thank you for your time reading about our workshop. We would love to see you at the workshop and giving us the opportunity to change your life. Register now and get your seats booked, limited seats left.


Devesh Shah

Be Happy, Stay Blessed



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