Million Dollar Talk - Communicate And Get Rich

Million Dollar Talk - Communicate And Get Rich


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About The Event

Venus Club, organizers of India’s largest educational seminars and an end to end corporate training house brings to you a one day certification program where the participants would get an opportunity to understand how to communicate in a better way and also how to live a happier and successful life.

  1. Learn to distinguish four components for an effective first impression in person and on the phone.
  2. Keep in mind the check list for public speaking
  3. Sharpen your diction
  4. Attempt diction exercises
  5. Identify postures, gestures and habits that limit their power and learn ways to overcome them.
  6. Gain Prosperity through Naming, Numbering, Colors, Vaastu , Visiting Cards & Signatures
  7. Learn both essential and advanced communication skills that will enable you to project a consistent, polished image
  8. Control your Inner dialogue “Monkey Mind
  9. Understand the power of Language
  10. Aim towards personal & corporate finesse improvement

Speakers : Biindu Khuraana, Dr. Priyanka Krishnan, Arunaagiri Muddaliar and Uzmaa Sayed


Who should attend?

  1. Individuals & professionals desiring to be handsome orators.
  2. Professionals desiring to speak fluently without grammatical & vocabulary mistakes.
  3. Professionals who want to improve their ability to express themselves fully, and reduce, if not totally, eliminate regional accents!
  4. Managers and employees at all levels who want to improve their communication skills.
  5. Professionals desiring to add style to their communication.
  6. Individuals desiring to be heard and understood.
  7. Individuals desiring to be voice artists, and / dubbing artists.
  8. Individuals desiring to be a confident public speaker.

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