Android Entrepreneurship workshop -Mobipreneur by Nurture Talent Academy and Computer Society of India - Jammu

Android Entrepreneurship workshop -Mobipreneur by Nurture Talent Academy and Computer Society of India - Jammu


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About The Event

Do you want to gain technology skills for your career?

Did you have ideas and you want someone to guide you?

Do you have the passion to start your own internet, mobile or tech venture?

Do you wish to know about investments, funding and finance?

Nurture Talent Academy and Computer Society of India are proud to present Techunt - 2013, a 5-in-1 program to discover the best entrepreneurship talent in India. Winning team will be awarded with cash prize of Rs 1 Lakhs, and unparalleled funding, incubation, mentoring and media presence.


Day 1 - 2 Hours

Idea Generation

  • Generating Mobile app Ideas, Idea Games.
  • Team Formation.
  • Basics of Business planning. 


 1 Hour

 Introduction to Android

  • Overview of Android and Android SDK.
  • History of Android.
  • Android Features. 


1 hour

 Android Architecture

  • Android architecture overview.
  • Introduction to OS Layer, Linux Kernel & Libraries.
  • Android Runtime & Android Framework.


 2 hours

Setup of Android Development environment

  • System requirements.
  • Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation.
  • Creating first Android application & Project Structure.


2 hours      

Main Building Blocks

  • Activity, Intents and Services.
  • Content Providers & Broadcast Receivers.


Day 2 -2 hours

User Interface

  • View Hierarchy and Layouts & UI Events.
  • Building Menus, Notifying user & creating dialogs.


2 hours


  • Overview of Android Resources.
  • Creating Resources, Using Resources.
  • Drawable Resources & Animation Resources.


2 Hours


  • Cursor.
  • SQLite Open Helper & SQLite Database.
  • Deploying Android Application on Mobile Devices & Google PLAY store.


2 Hours

Elevator Pitch and Competition

  • How to pitch your App idea.
  • Competiton. 




Important Points

  • Certificate of Participation will be given to workshop participants jointly by Nurture Talent Academy and Computer Society of India. 
  • Students will get startup-kit with study material, handouts, CD with video webinars, PPTs, Excel exercises, PDFs etc. for FREE during the workshop.
  • Workshop is open to host college as well as students of outside colleges.

* Management reserves the right to cancel or modify program agenda, time, date etc. in case of circumstances beyond their control.


  • Creating Business ideas with the help of live mentors, trainers and entrepreneurs.
  • Team Building Activity.
  • Receive unparallel education from expereinced experts, mentors, entreprenerus and investors.
  • Interactive query session, live demos,Team activities, games, challenges, quiz but no lectures.
  • Hands on experience to create business ideas, B-plan, Prototypes etc.

Nurture Talent Academy

Nurture Talent Academy, India's 1st training institute for entrepreneurs conducts training and mentoring programs for budding entrepreneurs, who are highly motivated to start their own ventures. Nurture Talent Academy has conducted 275+ programs across 100+ cities since inception in 2010 which have been attended by more than 16500+ students, professionals and startups. The vision is to create 1000 entrepreneurs that will generate 20,000 jobs. Amit Grover, Founder and CEO, is an individual with passion about entrepreneurship. He is an IIT Delhi and IIM Indore graduate.


Computer Society of India (CSI)

Formed in 1965, the CSI has been instrumental in guiding the Indian IT industry down the right path since its formative years. Today, the CSI has 70 chapters all over India, 418 studentbranches, and more than 90,000 members including India's most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians. The CSI is also working closely with other industry associations, government bodies and academia to ensure that the benefits of IT advancement ultimately percolate down to every single citizen of India.


 Techunt 2013 - India’s 1st Talent hunt for entrepreneurship

TECHUNT 2013 is a National hunt for “India’s Student Entrepreneur of the Year” and workshop series jointly hosted by Nurture Talent Academy and Computer Society of India. Internet and Mobile has changed the world in a big way and have created a number of millionaires in the past decade and even a few billionaires like GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, INMOBI, FLIPKART, etc. Thanks to the internet and mobile, the world has now shrunk and the boundaries have evaporated. We believe in our country and the people, there is tremendous potential for Technology companies and Start-ups who are solving some key problems of the societies with the help of technology, internet and mobile. Therefore, we are launching a training program to train and mentor technology students and professionals with the help of Industry veterans and entrepreneurs with the sole aim of creating and enabling 1000 entrepreneurs to start up in next 5 years.

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